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Artist – Mac Lethal

Years Active – 2001-Present

Notable Track – “Look at Me Now”

Sample Rhyme:

“There’s nothing beautiful about this world

I’m gonna pucker up my lips to barf

Gonna choke a fucking rapper with his hipster scarf

I’m never gonna put another piece of music out

deliberately if it isn’t genuine and grips the heart

Winter’s hard, so have some pancakes”

It’s the plight of the up-and-coming rapper that sometimes the most notable thing you can do is rap whilst making pancakes.

Kansas’ own Mac Lethal is clearly talented. He’s got flow that rivals Twista in terms of pace and cleverness, and he’s got a loyal following. He continues to tour around the US. He’s made a career that most aspiring rappers will never make for themselves.

Yet he’s still the guy who makes funny YouTube videos (he also posts hilarious text conversations with his maybe-made-up cousin Bennett on Tumblr, and later wrote a whole book about it).

Rap, for all its ease of access, is still a market, and not everyone’s shtick is going to have mass appeal. Some rappers are legendary hitmakers, others are one hit wonders, but most find themselves somewhere in between.

Maybe one day Mac Lethal gets the credit he deserves, but only time will tell.

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