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Artist – Chris Webby

Years Active – 2008-Present

Notable Album – Chemically Imbalanced

Sample Rhyme (from “Ohh No”):

“So many bars you would think I’m living on Death Row

Webby just a motherfucking dog, where’s Petco?

Follow a plate of kibbles n bits with an egg roll

Genius in the laboratory cooking blue meth, yo

Call me Heisenberg, cause when I rhyme with words

These motherfuckers are behind the curve”

For every rapper like Kendrick or Mr. J. Medeiros, there are 10 (20? 30?) rappers like Chris Webby.

Hailing from Connecticut, Webby’s raps are kinetic, steeped in cultural references and, perhaps most of all, unfocused. He has, by his own admission, suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder all his life, a condition that seeps through to his raps.

Which isn’t a criticism. If anything, Webby’s style is part of the trend, one that owes a lot to freestyling and rap battling — two avenues on which many budding rappers first find traction. It’s a style that is far more concerned about getting out witty one liners than telling a story or advocating for a cause.

Webby rolls with it, creating rhymes that, combined with his rapid pace, make the listener feel like they’re caught in a verbal tornado.

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