Teyana Taylor packs an unexpected punch in Kanye West ‘Fade’ music video


Teyana Taylor stars in the new Kanye West video for ‘Fade’ which premiered during the MTV VMA’s and is now also found on YouTube.

Kanye West’s video for “Fade” dropped Sunday night. So, too, did a lot of jaws. The hyper-sexy, porn-like video starring Teyana Taylor is garnering responses from all corners of the culture world.

As the primary focus of the video, Taylor glistens on-screen in a risqué dance routine set in a vintage-style gym. The video ends with Taylor getting steamy with her real-life partner and Cleveland Cavaliers star Iman Shumpert in the shower post-workout.

In the last shot (plot-twist!), Taylor rocks a lion prosthetic while sheep surround her and Shumpert. It’s a power couple being powerful, and it’s West doing what he does: bold moves.

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As of Saturday night, the video was reportedly still unfinished. But it sure came together in time for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Twenty-four-year-old Eli Russell Linnetz directed the video as part of his one-year residency with West, according to the New York Times. After the “Famous” video, Linnetz has worked with West on some pretty wild visions, bridging the gap between concept and reality.

“Fade” is a lesson in how to blend the past and the future.

The two worked closely on this latest production to meticulously comb through every detail of the video.

The young director pulled inspiration from Flashdance, the Olympics, Pornhub, The Fly — all things oily, sweaty and vintage.

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“Fade” is a lesson in how to blend the past and the future.

The vintage gym aesthetic plays with the lion-sheep biblical reference, all while showing off how forward-thinking the effects are. The video also demonstrates how bold West’s vision can become.

Teyana Taylor is about as sexy as hitting the gym gets. Linnetz and West capitalize on it. The internet reportedly absorbed shock waves of Google searches asking who Teyana Taylor was and how she got her body to look so incredible.

Now is the time to invest in women’s Zumba-like fitness classes centered around the Taylor Dance Regimen that will inevitably follow.

Also, keep your eye on Taylor (figuratively), West and Linnetz, because they’ve got more up their sleeves.