Rhyme Dymes: Scott Church Presents Kali Feline And Danielle Donovan


Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler photographer Scott Church presents his latest set featuring Kali Feline and Danielle Donovan.

Scott Church is an internationally renowned, award-winning photographer who is also one of the few to have his work featured in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. He was also featured on The Science Channel’s Odd Folks Home and VH1’s Mob Wives, where he was seen photographing Renee Graziano for her Penthouse photo shoot.

Never one to shy away from taking pictures of beautiful girls, Scott Church presents Kali Feline and Danielle Donovan.

You can check out his exclusive photo set below.

Scott Church presents Kali Feline and Danielle Donovan

Based out of Lebanon, PA, Scott Church’s aesthetic is mainstream enough to please any celebrity — and his short list includes NFL player Victor Cruz and hip-hop legend Kool G Rap — while also being alluring enough to please adult magazine readers the world over.

Scott Church presents some of the most gorgeous women every day during his daily photo sets, and Kali and Danielle are just two of his latest rising stars to grace his lens.

Kali has done extensive work with Inked Shop, Inked Magazine, Steadfast Brand, Planet Muscle, Fever Magazine, and Elegant Ink. For her part, Danielle Donovan is a newer model and doesn’t have much in the way of published work. Hopefully, this will be the first of many for her!

Currently, Scott is working on a family portrait project, per his GoFundMe page.

"“I’m looking for families who’ve adopted, mixed race families, LGBTQ families, alternative lifestyle families, punks, goths, bikers, anyone whose family is special and unconventional. I want to show my son, and the world, as much diversity as I can pack into a month long road trip from here to California and back.”"

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