The most patriotic rap song known to man, Macklemore’s “American”


Say what you will about Macklemore, but let’s give the rapper some credit.

Macklemore’s 2009 track “American” is one of the most patriotic songs known to man, if not the most. It’s got everything from references to the Dallas Cowboys, fighting terrorists and drinking beer.

The first time someone showed me this song, it was senior year of high school and one of my teammates on the wrestling team (I wasn’t good at any other sport, and I automatically was varsity on the wrestling team, because I fit a weight class they needed) was playing it in his car.

He’s not huge into hip hop music. Not many wrestlers are, or at least the tournaments we went to never played any Drake or Kanye to my disappointment as I warmed up to get my ass kicked.

This seemed to be one of his favorite songs, however, because he knew every last word. Now, let me give you some context, he’s … um … not the most progressive person. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s usually got a pinch of chewing tobacco in between his bottom lip and gums.

So, if you’ve read this far and took the first two paragraphs seriously, let me say how how great and awful this song is.

Macklemore is not one of my favorite artists. He has a few good songs where he touches on social issues that honestly should be addressed by a white male artist. As much as I think hip hop and its culture are frequently appropriated by white rappers who try way too hard to be hood. An artist like Macklmore is needed, but I think too many people he tries way too hard to be deep.

This song hit with my friend for reasons I don’t understand. I don’t know how you can listen to this song and think for a second Macklemore is being serious, just like how I don’t actually think this is the most patriotic song known to man.

It’s obviously satirical, mostly making fun of uneducated American citizens with narrow-minded ideologies. This is not to attack my friend, and I do think there’s something to this song that is hilarious and good in context.

Much of the same way Lil Dicky is great at what he does, Macklemore shows a playful and humorous side through this song. Macklemore isn’t for everyone, but this still holds up as a hilarious track to (ironically) play on the Fourth.