Childish Gambino hints at mixtape with Chance The Rapper


Childish Gambino hinted that a mixtape with Chance The Rapper might not be too far in the future during a backstage speech at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) is possibly one of the most talented artists in this day and age. The rapper, actor, writer and director scooped up two Emmys Sunday night for “best lead actor in a comedy series” and the “directing for a comedy series” award for his show Atlanta.

In his backstage speech he hinted that a long awaited collaborative mixtape with Chance The Rapper could also be on the cards in the near future. Check out this part of his speech in the video below.

A collaborative mixtape between these two artists could be one of the most exciting and experimental records to ever grace the hip hop industry. Bino let loose on “Awaken, My Love!” as he strayed away way from rap to experiment with a more funky and soulful approach.

Chance The Rapper is not shy with collaborations either – in fact right now he is probably one of the most sought after artists when it comes to adding a feature to a track.

The two have of course worked together in the past on one another’s records. Childish Gambino featured on Chance’s Acid Rap mixtape on the track “Favorite Song” while the Chicago rapper made an appearance on Bino’s track “The Worst Guys.”

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The thought of these two highly creative minds coming together to produce a mixtape is an extremely exciting one. Glover joked that, “a bunch of 14-year-olds are gonna kick my ass” if he didn’t come up with a mixtape soon – so they better get a move on.

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