DBM premieres ‘Nefertiti (In My House)’


DBM debuts his third single ‘Nefertiti (In My House)’ from his forthcoming album ‘From Ashes Rose A King.’

DBM may have been born and raised in the hardened heart of New Jersey but while he’s visiting planet Earth, all intellectual cylinders are firing and he’s leaving the collective with some sage wisdom this lifetime.

If you’re a good judge of character and born with the ability to traverse the layers of the human psyche, see through the veil, the mask we wear, the ego we arm ourselves with, and the conditioning of life experiences that leaves its imprint on our personalities for better or worse, than you can immediately identify that emcee DBM, otherwise known as Dane the Beautiful Monster, was born with the gift of gab in and out of the studio.

There may be frills in the form of cerebral word play but his mission is clear: break things down to their lowest common denominator until the only thing left is the purest form of unadulterated truth.

When the lyrical content speaks for itself, an interviewer can dive right in and pick the brain of the artist, leapfrogging beyond the elementary promo questions.  Those consumers who can read between the lines and find resonance in the lyricism will and those who don’t, will naturally gravitate towards it once they wake up.

With plenty of traction behind him and a following at attention since his release of Slow Money in July of 2018, I had the pleasure of allowing DBM to discuss his philosophies on all things unconventional and all things elementary and state of the culture related.  (We’re all just walking contradictions, yes?)  Allow DBM to burst the apathetic illusionary bubble you’ve been floating in with his rich and seductive symbolism.


Are lyricists getting sharper or more ignorant with their pen?  Are they spiritually evolving? 

“Lyricists” are smarter and sharper than they’ve ever been. That said, the subject matter associated with the more richly subsidized music in our genre continues to deteriorate toward “ignorant and lazy”. This is far too common to be considered a coincidence. All of us as a humanity are spiritually evolving. Even more so since we’ve entered the age of Aquarius.

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Where is hip-hop headed in the following years to come?

Hip-Hop is a business so it will continue to evolve as those that exploit it continue to find new ways to do so. It’s important to point out that “Hip-Hop” was once a culture, but now it is a business with an underlying subculture that often goes with it’s sonic needs unmet. The HH purist are not only alive and as brilliant as Pac would have prayed for us to be, but we are preparing for a cultural assault on the mind. Refining our skill sets beyond art.

Once an artist understands money and finance as well as grasping their craft, they will be at liberty to create on their own terms. So to answer your question, I believe Hip-Hop is headed into a massive technological and financial transformation where the radio/label is phased out, and the people have an awakening that leads them to buy directly from their favorite artist. Those artists will be ready to make it accessible via contemporary devices. There will be no taking of the proverbial reigns until the artist is fiscally educated.

What is your personal mantra?

“Done. Next.” (an ode to not celebrating, and just moving on to next task)

When did you discover you have a voice and learn to live in your power?

Middle school. The principal called me into the office for some incident I ensued amongst my peers. He sat there looking at me with his hands shaped into a triangle, resting just beneath his chin and said, “Son, you have an apparent gift for influencing what your classmates get excited about, I want you to take a moment to understand that as a natural leader it’s up to you to set a good example!”  I have been fully activated since that day.

Who’s on your playlist?

Nipsey, Rick Ross, Dolph, Miguel, Rico Love, BELLY, SchoolBoy Q, Anders, Lil’ Wayne, Gashi, Dave East, 6lack and the never ending Curren$y playlist (no bullsh*t, that set bout 3.5 days long). That’s my AM vibration. PM? it’s NAS, classics, house music, soul music, blues, jazz, the Toronto sound, and of course, don’t you ever forget my 90’s RnB & my 80’s pop music. I am also a Jay-Z disciple as far as lyrical science is concerned. I could fall into a Jay-Z coma at anytime and listen to nothing else for a season, maybe two. Depends.

What does the creative writing process look like for you?

I am subconsciously writing my songs far before I sit down to pen them. Just living life as a foundation is number one. Experiencing the daily scrapes/anxieties that come from taking the required risks to advance. Being engaged in the process of self improvement daily. Whether financially or physically. Whatever aspect of myself I am refining gives inspiration to my art. Pure fuel that translates to worthwhile works. Once that’s cultivated, i schedule a writing session and center myself. Then I search for an instrumental that gives me a vibration in the frequency I designed the work to be created at. The rest is private.

What attracts you to a beat?

Great question Jenny. i am attracted to the vibration. We as beings are simply matter vibrating. That’s why a song(a series of rhythmic vibrations) has such a powerful affect on human beings, goes right through you, into your cells and subconscious, becomes you. When that element of physical science is combined with the power of “word,” you have a spell. So as a Emcee (Sorcerer), I look for the vibration that’s best compatible for the spell at hand my Darling.

What are your strengths/weaknesses in the studio?

No weakness. Zero in that column. My strength is that I am sure of the power of self education. In that revelation, I have liberated myself from the judgements that hamper personal development. I am an untainted source of information for my small but psychotically loyal fan base. Add that all up, and it equals LOVE. I LOVE what I do. Hello?? Can you say Super Power?! That’s my strength Baby, LOVE.

Name one of your personal life lessons.

“Wherever there is a large market place where business people make millions to billions of dollars, you will have a colorful and extremely intimidating jargon or method of speaking that is used by those who are entrenched. So if you want to go from broke to affluent, you need to study the language of the market you’re moving into, and shut the f**k up and listen when you’re around it.” I should charge for that one Jenny, but you’re such a class act it would be sowing bad karma and I can’t f**k with my Chi right now, you now how we Libras are with regard to balance.

How do you stay spiritually clean and not attract new karma?

Understanding ones own nature goes a long way towards controlling that. You need to personally understand that you ingest not only through mouth or eating, but through what you see, hear, socialize with and speak into existence. We all are subject to eat our own words in the form of living out our manifestations. Study self. Fundamental self. Human nature. Masculine versus feminine, and the intricate balance inside us all. If you lack understanding in that regard, you’re gonna sow bad karma blindly and repeatedly.

Where is your learning curve in this industry?

I understand the legality. The politics. This industry is a bore. Redundant and predictable. I am not of the industry. I am a private retailer of exquisite contemporary artworks. The industry is like eating at an over-priced chain restaurant for a listener. With me, the listener is having a meal in my home, we say a grace before we indulge and there is no bill awaiting them, just understanding. We are a community (digitally and physically).

Do you trust the process or try to control the universe?

I know that I have so much control in my own action. So I have tunnel vision with regard to my own personal productivity and plan. As for the universe, I do not seek to control that which cannot be controlled. I can barely make my own puppy sit when I ask him to.

What’s the biggest conspiracy we as humans believe in that keeps us living in lack?

Human beings for the most part, do not know that they are literally creating and manifesting their lives by what they say and speak personal belief into every single moment of everyday, in perpetuity.

Name one person you recommend following on social media and why?

There is no one good to follow on social media. It’s a massive distraction of grandiose proportions. So if you have to follow someone, follow your mother, and tell her you love her everyday. Send here funny memes and keep her laughing. Do not follow anyone else. I would say follow Dad, but who the hell wants to keep showing him how to unlock his phone, let alone how to log in and see what was sent to him.

Where do you gain inspiration from in life? The peaks or valleys?

Seeking truth. About anything and everything. I have a truth hoarding problem. Do you know that lady that was on the news who had the cats, she had like 230 something semi-stray cats living in her home. Well, if each cat was a truth that revealed a nasty lie perpetrated by society for centuries, I would be that cat lady. And guess what Jenny?? I want everyone to come over for free, and see my cats. Smell the urine. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, truth.

Name one philanthropic interest/crusade and why you believe it has chosen you?  Why the pull to that mission?

I can’t tell you that Jenny, LMAO, it’s a secret, LMAO, but okay, I will give you a little hint, Hehehehehehehehe, it involves a mass grave with a lot of dead pedophiles in it.

What are you trying to manifest in life right now?

I am manifesting a world for myself where happiness is so abundant that I can give some to whoever I want and never run out.

What is your favorite track you’ve written or recorded thus far?

I don’t have a favorite song. It’s like asking a father which boy is his favorite son. I believe in all of their potential to grow up and affect people in a positive way. My babies.

Since getting into the nuts and bolts of the industry, what’s the best/worst discovery you’ve made?

The best discovery I made was me! I found myself amongst the discarded trash that was heading for the incinerator. I found that I could have it all, a feverish social life, happiness, financial freedom, health, well being and whatever else I could conceive simply by learning new truth and maximizing my diet and sleep so that I can be productive beyond what the “norm” is for most. My art is now empowered. It exists and only I control it, there are no other shareholders. I didn’t know it could be operated this way. Found out, in me. It was always there.

What truth will be revealed in the next ten years that will awaken the collective?

That the melanin endowed woman is the closest earthly relative to God and the single most valuable asset on planet Earth. All this time, it wasn’t the land, the gold, the oil, the lithium, the poppy seed, or the water. It’s Her. Always. She is the conduit. Not only is she completely worth dying for, but she is also what will keep us all living. They are coming for her. They seek to foreclose upon her mind.

What is real and true in this world?

Knowledge. It’s truly everything Jenny. It’s the difference between ruling and being a slave.


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