Tory Lanez: Freaky and nasty vibes


Has Tory Lanez always been this Freaky?

After much anticipation, the chameleon on the mic and social butterfly on the scene, Tory Lanez, has finally emerged to give us a taste of what we can expect out of him this year.  In fact, the Toronto emcee took to Twitter to promise his fans four projectsChixtape 5, El AguaCause, and Love Me Now Reloaded.  What’s obvious is that Tory’s been busy and his fans will hold him to that promise.

Far from a novice at it, Tory spent much of 2018 baiting his rap opponents and talking s*** which just might be his favorite past time outside of talking s***.  Any which way you cut it, Tory likes to bait, gas light even.  He’s the proverbial shark in the water; circling about his victims, all the while, gleaning a smirk.  In this overly saturated music industry that exists today, he needn’t swim too far.  There will always be blood in the water.

And to Tory, they’re all small fish in comparison to him.

No one can argue that he is charismatic and built with the bravado of a lion.  Loud, all in jest and for the sake of fanfare.  Charming even, when he’s not gloating, though this charisma shines through at its most powerful when it’s in lyrical format.  Every lane is Tory’s lane.

Like the class clown, he knows when to pull out of the fight, let his opponents devour each other, and get back to what matters most – the new music that will launch him closer to his objective – “being the biggest artist around the world.”

So what jolted him out of the cockfight this time?  Freaky and nasty vibes.  Being his first release of 2019, Freaky was delivered with an overabundance of quips and punchlines.

And this record needed that video to accompany.  The moment the flutes come in, we know what we’re getting – a club anthem but we weren’t expecting the conduct unbecoming of the officer.

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Freaky was a bonafide slap.  Chixtape 5 please.