Saweetie & Quavo: Hip-hop’s favorite lovebirds


What’s got Saweetie feeling so ‘Emotional?’

Love, of course.  As the lovebirds and hip-hop’s newest favorite power couple – Saweetie and Quavo – build their budding romance one collaborative single at a time, we also get a taste of what the East Bay rapper has in store for the first quarter of 2019 with her latest 7 track EP Icy.

They sure do manage to stay out of the limelight but they did step out in Los Angeles and Atlanta for Quavo’s birthday where she surprised her boyfriend with the ultimate birthday gift for a man – a car.  Not just any ol’ car.  A class 1961 Impala.  Cherry red exterior.

Killing two birds with one stone, the couple celebrated by arriving together for her exclusive Hollywood EP release party on Thursday, Mar. 28 that brought along big names like Wale and Siya.  Gifted with a plaque from her record label for her gold certification status on her breakout single, America’s favorite “Saweetheart” is taking off.

Born Diamonté Harper, it was her grandmother that was credited as coining the childhood nickname Saweetie that would eventually stick and go on to be the words heard from roaring audiences as she stepped on stage.

With some time and space to creatively grow, the assured tenacity that dominated her launch into the music industry is sure to grant her the opportunity to see it through to completion and in this case – completion is defined as domination.  Saweetie has everything it takes to make it to the top and prevail.  Besides, she’s quickly become America’s Favorite saweetheart.  There’s nowhere to go but up.

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There is a benchmark moment in every artist’s life when one goes from creatively dabbling to professionally pursuing and that moment for Saweetie would be Icy Grl.  Before then, it was all a dream.