Teairra Mari drops the ball and 50 Cent runs with it


The war of petty wages on between 50 Cent and whoever wants it.

It’s official! 50 Cent is making a professional living off of his trolling antics and we’re quickly approaching the point in this journey where the man has engaged in so many beefs he could fund and run his own slaughterhouse.  We’ll need an entire blog dedicated to the provoked or mostly unprovoked opinions of Curtis Jackson.

As he once said to Stephen Colbert in an interview last year, the high-profile feuds have catapulted his success in some ways, at least to the point of making him a household name for those who haven’t experienced his multitude of talents on and off the mic.

Though I wouldn’t dare contemplate what his true intentions are, something tells me it has less to do with the hope of gaining popularity and more to do with being tone deaf.  What was funny between Ja Rule and 50 has quickly acquired the signs of bullying when it comes to Wendy Williams and Teairra Mari and it warms my heart to see that the internet, much to my surprise, is not really here for it no matter their opinions of these two ladies.


Teairra Mari stepped into the ring when she took Fif to court.  And lost.  Ordered to pay lawyer fees to the tune of $30,000 in January, she has been steadily reminding him that he won’t see a shilling anytime soon.  After dropping her diss track and merchandise to match the title I Aint Got It, Fif pulled another business move of the week and trademarked the catchphrase.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Scorned 50 Cent. dark. Next

To make matters worse, he took to social media to remind her that if she doesn’t remove her claws off the phrase, he’ll take her to court.  Lawsuit-happy much?