Karma comes for Kodak Black on Canadian soil, eh?


They said “don’t run your mouth and put that energy into the universe.”  He did.  They said “it’ll come back to haunt you.”  It did.

After a week of becoming unhinged, karma came for Kodak Black, treating him to an exclusive, all expenses paid (sans the cost of freedom), 24-hour staycation in Niagara County Jail.  Released on $20,000 bail and quiet as a church mouse for now, the Florida rapper, formally known as Bill Kapri, is racking up more than just negative karma from industry peers for his tasteless comments made last week about Lauren London.

He, along with three passengers, were charged with criminal possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of marijuana after being detained at the Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge by US Border and Customs Patrol agents.

A search of the Cadillac Escalade driven by Kodak revealed a Glock 9mm pistol undeclared by all four gentlemen.  Another vehicle, a Porsche, following behind and occupied by three associates of Kodak, contained three handguns and marijuana.  All three occupants were arrested.

What does that mean?

It means it was a wrap on Wednesday evening’s plans which would have found Kodak making two scheduled performances in Boston at the House of Blues.  Needless to say, both shows were cancelled causing near riots from chaotic crowds.

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According to local news reports, police were called to the scene for crowd control when fans perceived Kodak to be a “no call no show” without receiving word of his arrest.  With 800 people inside the venue and several hundred more waiting outside, the crowd erupted into fist fights and broken jaws according to one eye-witness report.  One person was arrested.

Kodak Black has yet to release an official statement regarding his arrest or the brawl that took place outside of the venue.

Happy hump day!