Hip Hop: Future drops his 8th album ‘High Off Life’, misogyny

Everybody into hip hop knows who Future is. Now that he is so deep into his catalog, the themes of each album are seemingly meshing together.

Future “Hendrix” is an all-around music icon whose music will likely be here forever. Coming out of Atlanta, as a product of the Dungeon Family has made him into a walking representation of trap music, southern rap, and the divisiveness of what he chooses to speak from his soul about.

The main concept about Future that has triggered a number of people is misogyny on social media and within his lyrics.  While Future’s personal life speaks volumes about where his head is at in terms of feelings towards women, he usually decides to blame women for their mishaps within relationships.

This is obviously a very soft subject at this point in time as far as hip hop culture, because of the number of female artists who are thriving, and throughout all social aspects of people’s lives due to the mass amounts of women’s movements that have come to fruition within the last couple of years.

The only problem with deciphering what is and isn’t write in correlation to music is the fact that music is subjective and creativity should not be judged. When blatantly speaking negatively about women as a whole is done though, many problems will undoubtedly arise.

While some may argue that Future’s music all sounds the same because of his constant talk of drug abuse, expensive clothing, and luxury cars, his last few albums before this one took on new forms of Future.

Now that High Off Life has arrived, no one is able to concentrate on anything except the concept of demeaning females; however, the album is just as deep into the problem as his previous work has been. Hip hop was once a genre full of only depicting women as blood-sucking, money-hungry heathens, but we are at a point in time where those things are far too offensive to even sell records.

Yes, Future may have some choice words that some will find highly-offensive to women, but the question is, could he be worse about it? I think we all know the answer to that question. It is easy to mix up what Future says and does in his personal life, with what details he wants to include in his music.

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Let it be known that his music should not be presented to the public negatively as an outcome of what his character represents in the media. Future is an outstanding artist with some monumental and unique hit songs, no matter how much these younger artists will try to sound like him, they will never be the same as him.

High Off Life caps off at 21 songs, which is not unusual for Future to provide on a project. His melodic tones and catchy verses shower the album in his trademark attributes. Be glad that this world still has an ARTIST like Future!

The album is available on all platforms, give it a chance…