BrazyXay: Need Me is Becoming a Classic Across Streaming Platforms

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Image courtesy BrazyXay /

BrazyXay delivers a new wave of rap sounds with his newest release “Need Me”

This young artist, who is residing in Atlanta, Georgia, is rising to fame from his new song titled “Need Me”. BrazyXay is an American YouTuber, songwriter, and artist that is mostly known for his popular video uploads on YouTube. He now is transitioning into the music industry making a name for himself and is gaining a much larger fanbase outside of YouTube. His most recent song “Need Me” has been achieving massive plays on the SoundCloud Platform and is currently rising. BrazyXay solemnly wants to impact his fans in a positive way through his music now that he acknowledges he has a passion for it. Altogether, we can definitely inform you that BrazyXay is paving a successful future in his career.

The newly released track “Need Me” is a very smooth and groovy up-tempo type of production. He raps about struggles with a past toxic relationship while having mixed feelings about his significant other. He feels like she doesn’t love him unconditionally which makes him think she’s playing mind games with him. He then gets to the point where he’s had enough and decides to withdraw from the toxicity and be lonesome. This song holds an intriguing touch that the majority of listeners can relate to. This track has been effectively touching, making its way across charts already.

BrazyXay definitely shows us that he is a multi-talented individual indeed. Demonstrating how one can be a YouTuber and a musical artist altogether. This is undoubtedly taking BrazyXay’s career to the next level, making a name for himself in his city of Atlanta and worldwide.

Make sure you check out BrazyXay’s new record titled “Need Me” on SoundCloud if you haven’t already, you don’t want to miss it. Lastly, stay tuned with BrazyXay on social media so you won’t miss any other releases:

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