CJ Beatty hits hard on “I’m Swinging B5”

CJ Beatty. Photo courtesy Easton
CJ Beatty. Photo courtesy Easton /

Rapper CJ Beatty hooks up with Easton Diamond Sports on the music video for “I’m Swinging B,” which heralds the return of baseball’s celebrated and historied bat – the B5 Pro Big Barrel BBCOR.

As CJ Beatty raps out, the original B5 was used by MLB sluggers like Bo Jackson, Mark McGwire, Tony Gwynn, Barry Larkin, and others.

The collaboration of Beatty and Easton introduces the “Easton Colab Series,” on which the company will team up with various prominent creators and artists.

According to Austin Hurwitz, Easton’s VP of Marketing and E-Commerce, “We’re constantly looking for new ways to stretch creativity and advance storytelling in baseball and softball. This new platform will ultimately allow us to explore a wide range of subjects in a variety of forms, and in partnership with some amazingly talented individuals. We’re so excited to launch the Easton Colab Series, beginning with original music that will bring to life such a special innovation in the 2021 B5 Pro. In the short-time CJ has been part of Team Easton, I’m convinced there’s nothing he can’t do—and everything he does is positive for players of all ages and the growth of our sports.”

Beatty, who played major league ball with the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox, was drafted by the Cardinals in 2009. Now he is a hip-hop artist and motivator, inspiring people to believe in themselves even though others don’t.

In the music video, Beatty travels back to the spot where it all began – Glenn High School – in Kernersville, North Carolina. Utilizing the talents of local baseball athletes, the video depicts Beatty arriving in style, driving a glistening white Escalade. Once on the field, Beatty offers up smart rhymes as well as stylish moves, while standing on the pitcher’s mound.

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“I’m Swinging B5” opens on potent harmonics, rife with an infectious rhythm topped by galvanizing layers of music. Gang-like harmonies inject the tune with upbeat flavors, while Beatty’s robust flow imbues the lyrics with grand textures.

"“Mark McGwire is a legend / Pay homage boy / Bo, Bo Jackson / When he swung a B5 / Lights, camera, action.”"

On “I’m Swinging B5,” CJ Beatty combines cool, hip-hop energy with tight lyrics applauding the legendary players of baseball.

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