2 Chainz Grateful After Surviving Miami Collision

Hip-Hop Community Rallies Around 2 Chainz Following Accident
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In the early hours of a Miami morning, the hip-hop world held its breath as news surfaced of a car crash involving the beloved rapper 2 Chainz. Known for his vibrant personality and impactful music, 2 Chainz was involved in a three-car collision that left fans and fellow artists concerned for his well-being.

The incident occurred on a bustling Miami highway, where 2 Chainz's vehicle was struck, causing significant damage. Despite the severity of the crash, the rapper was able to walk away with his life, a fact he attributes to his blessings. In a statement released on social media, 2 Chainz expressed his gratitude for surviving the ordeal and reassured fans of his recovery at home.

"Praise God for the blessings , Things could have been worse , but it wasn’t , don’t wanna pity party, but i do appreciate every single person that checked up on me. Sometimes someone in my position don’t feel like the love real or maybe it’s mind thing , but I truly felt the love and don’t worry bout me , I’m good , shake back king."

In the following slide, he displayed his departure from the Sunshine State, boarding a jet. Despite still having a hospital apparatus, his journey to recovery is ongoing.

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He recently released a joint album with Lil Wayne titled Welcome 2 Collegrove. The album was opened with a skit from 50 Cent. Chainz appeared on the Rap Radar podcast in a new episode released Thursday (December 7), as part of promoting the project. He, however, revealed that 50 Cent did the skits on the album in one take and was a true professional.

"I actually wrote these things for 50 to say,” 2 Chainz said. “And I sent it to him because first of all, 50 is somebody that has a voice I think people can recognize. Two – he’s in the TV space and three, I knew that when it was time to put out a album, I was going to do something to maybe fuck people up to think maybe he was. I had this whole thing in my head about trailers and chaos and mayhem like, ‘What the hell they got going on?’ So I hit him and he did it for me. I mean it didn’t take long. He killed it on the first take as far as knowing how to breathe, the spaces. Just little stuff that us as creatives that I just wanted."

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The hip-hop community, however, rallied around 2 Chainz, offering support and well-wishes. Social media was abuzz with messages from fans and fellow artists, highlighting the rapper's influence and the collective relief that he was safe.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety. While details of the crash are still emerging, it's a timely prompt for all to remain vigilant while driving, especially during the holiday season when roads are busier.

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