21 Savage Honored with a Second Proclamation, Designating His Own 'Appreciation' Day in Atlanta

Celebrating Community Impac, 21 Savage Receives Second Proclamation for "Appreciation Day" in Atlanta.
21 Savage Presents Throwback Atlanta Birthday Celebration
21 Savage Presents Throwback Atlanta Birthday Celebration / Prince Williams/GettyImages

For the second consecutive year, 21 Savage's impact on Atlanta earns him recognition. On December 10, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners declared it "21 Savage Appreciation Day." Alongside this honor, the British-born rapper received the esteemed Carry The Torch Award.

Commissioner Natalie Hall, in a video shared by TikTok user, reads the proclamation, amusingly noting that 21 Savage had quietly inquired if he could keep the award. Expressing his gratitude, the rapper, known for his shyness, acknowledges the support, giving a special shout-out to his mother. He expresses honor in receiving the Carry The Torch Award and emphasizes empowering the youth, particularly through his financial literacy program.

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This recent recognition follows last year's declaration by State Representative Billy Mitchell, designating December 21 as "21 Savage Day" in Georgia. In celebration, 21 Savage and his Leading By Example Foundation organized the fourth annual Grant-A-Wish event on the proclaimed day. The event aimed to spread joy by providing toys and food to 100 local parents and their children during the Christmas season.

During the ceremony, State Representative Billy Mitchell officially declared December 21 as "21 Savage Day." This acknowledgment highlights the rapper's commitment to humanitarian efforts, including initiatives like the 21 Savage Bank Account campaign. The campaign focuses on promoting financial literacy among students, awarding $1,000 scholarships to kickstart the initiative.

21 Savage's continuous dedication to uplifting his community and fostering positive change is evident in his repeated acknowledgments and impactful initiatives, marking him not just as a rapper but as a philanthropist making a lasting impact.

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