21 Savage Targets Gunna on Latest Album 'American Dream,' Backed by Lil Baby and Lil Durk

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In 21 Savage’s latest album, American Dream, a particular track titled Letter to my brudda takes a direct aim at Gunna. Dedicated to the incarcerated Young Thug, the song delves into 21 Savage's grievances with Gunna, who is accused of cooperating with authorities in the ongoing RICO case involving their YSL labelmate. Through impactful lyrics, 21 Savage questions Gunna's loyalty, emphasizing the consequences of crossing certain lines and the challenges of forgiveness.

The article delves deeper into the lyrics, dissecting the ongoing RICO case, and explores the reactions from other Atlanta rappers, creating a comprehensive understanding of the controversy surrounding Gunna's alleged actions.

The verse highlights the drastic shift from co-defendant to a supposed witness, drawing attention to the complexities of relationships within the industry. Expressing disdain for those who prioritize social appearances over genuine business partnerships, 21 Savage paints a vivid picture of betrayal within the hip-hop community. Moreover, the rapper acknowledges Young Thug’s struggles and generosity, contrasting it with the alleged betrayal by Gunna.

"Once you cross that line, it ain’t no tryin’ to fix it/ You want me to forgive you, let’s be realistic/ I can’t kick it with your kind like I tore my meniscus.
How you go from co-defendant to a fuckin’ witness?/ They’ll stand on couches with you, but won’t stand on business/ Woah, I watched everybody turn on my brother like he ain’t have ’em out here flyin’ jets and fuckin’ bitches/ This shit ridiculous."

21 Savage expresses admiration and acknowledgment of Young Thug's generous and selfless nature. By saying he feels Young Thug's pain, 21 Savage is empathizing with the challenges and hardships Young Thug has faced, likely in both his personal life and the music industry.

The tribute continues by highlighting Young Thug's commitment to supporting his family. By noting that Young Thug hustled hard to take care of his mother, 21 Savage emphasizes the rapper's dedication to providing for his family despite the difficulties he might have encountered.

"I feel your pain, my brother, I know you from the struggle/ I know how hard you hustled just to take care of your mother/ I know you took clothes off your back for n-ggas you call brother."

This lyrical revelation isn’t isolated, as Lil Baby, a fellow Atlanta artist, has publicly criticized Gunna, condemning those who collaborate with alleged informants. Lil Durk has echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the importance of silence in such situations. This incident provides a glimpse into the intricate dynamics and tensions within the Atlanta rap scene.

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