Tempers Flare: 3 times rappers lost their cool

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Though artists, in general, tend to air on the side of caution in moments of tension, every so often there seems to be a one-off event that takes place and leaves our jaws on the floor. Hashtags begin maniacally spreading on Twitter like there's no tomorrow and that's all she wrote; the next viral story has taken hold of the industry leaving journalists and reporters foaming at the mouth and fans everywhere frantically assaulting Google in an attempt to find a video somewhere. What are some of the most memorable moments of conflict involving our most notorious Hip Hop artists?

3 times Hip Hop artists lost their cool in public

Let's peruse the ol' glossary and revisit some of the times that an artist maybe should've tucked tail and kept their wits about them.

6ix9ines' Texas Galleria Mall incident

In 2018, 16-year-old Santiago Albarran was attempting to record a video of 6ix9ine while attending the same Houston Galleria Mall as the infamous "MALA" rapper. At one point, 6ix9ine realized he was being recorded and told the teen to delete the video. When he didn't immediately abide, 6ix9ine was caught on video choking the boy.

After fleeing Texas, 6ix9ine was eventually apprehended at John F. Kennedy International Airport only two months later. After spending some time in jail, when the case was brought to court 16-year-old Albarran attended and asked that the case be dismissed. The case was dismissed and the two posed in the hallway of the courthouse after the court session concluded.

Lil Pump arrested in Denmark

The infamous "Gucci Gang" rapper is no stranger to conflict, having been on the world stage more than once for his rebellious behavior. This came to a head in Copenhagen, Denmark in December of 2018 when he and his crew were all arrested for "possessing something illegal", allegedly having to do with illegal substances. It was a harmless enough offense that had he simply gone to the station and paid the fine, he would've been let go, free to continue performing.

Instead, Lil Pump decided to take advantage of the fact that police hadn't handcuffed him and began streaming live on Instagram, seen flipping off the police in the vehicle.

In turn, he ended up having to cancel a show and was asked to leave the country entirely. This fiasco came shortly after an arrest in Miami for a driver's license issue after using the wrong plate on a Rolls-Royce and an arrest tied to him firing a firearm into his L.A. home.

Afroman absolutely loses it, punching fan on stage

You may have seen the viral video in February 2015 when the "Because I Got High" rapper fiercely struck a female fan on stage while she attempted to dance on him while performing.

What you may not know is that shortly after, Afroman was escorted off the stage and booked for the assault, eventually being released on a $330 bond. He avoided jail time and instead was given court-ordered drug testing and anger management classes as part of his probation. The woman who was struck, Haley Byrd sued not only Afroman but Kress Live, the venue where the situation took place. Eventually, Afroman settled this lawsuit and kept the details private.

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