5 best King Von tracks

King Von
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2. Armed & Dangerous

Many would argue that "Armed & Dangerous" is the hardest-hitting and best song that Von ever released. This is another track in Von's catalog with absolutely insane storytelling and some of the hardest-hitting flows and wildest bars you'll hear in any of his songs.

"Police steady watchin'; me, every day they clockin'; me (Damn)
Red alert, armed and dangerous, I keep that Glock on me (Boom, boom)
And I ain't lookin'; for no trouble, I'm just lookin'; out for me (Nah)
Cause I done did shit, them n****s ain't talkin' bout no rappin' beef (Nah, nah)"

King Von on "Armed & Dangerous

"Armed & Dangerous" gets straight to the point with a simple but well-suited beat to Von's flow and one of the most vivid choruses he ever wrote. Von heavily utilizes ad-libs to drive home the message that he's always being watched with the "gangster" lifestyle he was believed to have led at the time.