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King Von
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1. Wayne's Story

Maybe the best-written song that Von ever released while he was alive was one of the lead singles from his debut studio album Welcome to O'Block, titled "Wayne's Story". There aren't any other songs in Von's tracklist that do a better job of showing his versatility, songwriting chops, storytelling, and imagery, quite like "Wayne's Story" does to cap the tracklist on Welcome to O'Block.

This track sets an extremely dark tone from the first beat drop, leading into Von painting a vivid picture of what life was like for anyone growing up on the streets of Chicago.

"Wayne's Story" describes a "shorty" that grew up in Southside Chicago and had to deal with many of the evils that come along with life on the streets to survive day by day. The two verses describe different scenarios of "shorty" or "Lil Wayne" finding themself in different problematic situations with the goal in mind of getting by and ultimately surviving all the violence that can be found in the streets.