50 Cent issues stern warning to Suntory Global Spirits, vows Congressional Action in $6 Million Lawsuit

Hip-hop mogul 50 Cent takes legal battle with Suntory Global Spirits to the next level, threatening to involve Congress and seeking justice for the alleged $6 million damages.
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In a bold move, rapper 50 Cent has taken his grievances with Suntory Global Spirit to the highest level of American government. The G-Unit boss is threatening to engage in congressional action against the liquor brand, accusing them of financial misconduct.

The dispute centers around the company’s name change from its original moniker, Beam Suntory, and the alleged wrongdoings that have affected 50 Cent’s own brands, Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi.

Last year, 50 Cent and his alcohol brand, Sire Spirits, entered into mediation with Beam Suntory after he accused agents of embezzling millions of dollars through an overcharging scheme.

The dispute involved unpaid invoices and financial irregularities that have cost 50 Cent dearly in legal fees. The situation escalated when Beam Suntory changed its name to Suntory Global Spirits, without addressing the underlying issues related to 50 Cent’s brands.

The Instagram callout

On Friday, May 17, 2024, 50 Cent took to Instagram to publicly voice his frustration. He criticized the company’s name change, emphasizing that it didn’t rectify the harm done to his brands. In his post, he stated:

"Changing the company name from Beam Suntory to @SuntoryGlobalSpirits without correcting what was done to my brands @bransoncognac and @lecheminduroi doesn’t fix the problem and lacks honor. I attempted to resolve the matter, not once, but twice. Now the legal process will play out publicly for everyone to see what really happened and how @SuntoryGlobalSpirits would rather spend millions to protect and conceal criminal conduct instead of doing the right thing."

He also questioned whether being one of the few black-owned brands played a role in the dispute. 50 Cent hinted at seeking assistance from the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C., to scrutinize the situation further.

The legal battle

The conflict between 50 Cent and Beam Suntory has been ongoing. Last year’s mediation attempt didn’t yield a satisfactory resolution, and 50 Cent continued to assert that he would hold the company accountable. 

His Instagram posts included footage of a TV news report about the legal battle, and he even shared an alleged letter from Beam Suntory dated August 15, 2016, implicating individuals involved in the embezzlement scheme.

As the legal process unfolds, 50 Cent’s threat of congressional action adds a new layer of intensity to the dispute. The consumers will undoubtedly watch closely, and the outcome may have broader implications for the spirits industry. Will Beam Suntory face the consequences of their alleged actions? Only time will tell.