50 Cent Power series faces legal battle as ex-drug Kingpin seeks to block “Origins” spinoff in billion-dollar clash

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The gritty streets of New York City come alive in the hit television series “Power,” a gripping saga of crime, power struggles, and redemption. But behind the scenes, a real-life drama is unfolding—one that involves a former drug kingpin, a billion-dollar lawsuit, and the battle for creative rights.

Cory “Ghost” Holland’s claims

At the heart of this legal showdown stands Cory “Ghost” Holland, a man whose life story bears eerie similarities to the show’s central character, James “Ghost” St. Patrick. Holland alleges that “Power” unlawfully mirrors his tumultuous journey from the mean streets to the upper echelons of power. But how did this all begin?

The “Blasphemy” connection

Enter the enigmatic “Blasphemy”—a cautionary tale captured on a CD that Holland claims he sent to Courtney Kemp’s father. This raw, unfiltered account was Holland’s desperate plea for an exit strategy from the drug trade. Little did he know that this material would become the epicenter of a legal storm.

Unconsented material

Holland contends that his life experiences, laid bare in “Blasphemy,” were clandestinely woven into the fabric of “Power.” The show’s creators allegedly drew inspiration from his struggles, molding the character of “Ghost” without his consent. Now, Holland seeks justice—a billion-dollar reckoning for what he perceives as intellectual theft.


In a David-versus-Goliath twist, Holland represents himself in court. Armed with determination and a burning desire for vindication, he faces off against rap mogul 50 Cent, showrunner Courtney A. Kemp, Starz, and Lionsgate. His weapon? A motion for a preliminary injunction—one that could halt the promotion of the highly anticipated spinoff, “Power: Origins.”

The stakes

Why the urgency? Holland fears that the spinoff’s relentless marketing campaign could taint potential jurors, compromising his right to a fair trial. He argues that maintaining the “status quo” is essential to safeguarding justice. But 50 Cent’s legal team vehemently opposes the motion, citing its potential impact on the “Power” universe and the network’s bottom line.

As the legal battle rages on, the fate of “Power: Origins” hangs in the balance. Can Holland’s quest for justice coexist with the show’s creative evolution? Or will the courtroom drama overshadow the gritty narratives of Ghost and Tommy? Only time—and the courts—will reveal the ultimate verdict.

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