50 Cent roasts Floyd Mayweather while promoting his new novel

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In a classic clash of rap titans, 50 Cent has once again taken aim at his former friend-turned-foe, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., and this time, it’s all about the written word. The G-Unit mogul, known for his razor-sharp wit and unapologetic jabs, has turned the spotlight on Mayweather’s alleged illiteracy while promoting his latest literary venture.

The accomplice: A heist novel with a side of shade

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, recently announced the release of his gripping new novel, The Accomplice. But instead of merely sharing the news, he couldn’t resist throwing a few verbal punches Mayweather’s way. In an Instagram post that quickly went viral, 50 Cent playfully revealed his master plan: dropping the audiobook version of The Accomplice on the same day as the print edition. The reason? To ensure that Mayweather doesn’t miss out on the action.

"I have no beef with anyone,” 50 Cent wrote, his signature smirk practically audible through the screen. “But I made sure the audiobook comes out simultaneously so champ won’t feel left out.” The implication? Mayweather’s alleged struggle with reading won’t hinder his enjoyment of the thrilling heist tale."

A decade of literary jabs

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has poked fun at Mayweather’s literacy skills. Back in 2014, the rap icon offered a jaw-dropping challenge: donate a whopping $750,000 to charity if Mayweather could read just one page from the beloved Harry Potter series. 

"This is a special A-S-L…E-L-S challenge for you, Floyd,” 50 Cent declared. “If you can read one page out of a Harry Potter book, nia, I’ll donate $750,000 to whatever charitable organization you want to…fk the bucket of ice, man!"

Mayweather declined the challenge, leaving the hefty donation unclaimed. But the verbal sparring continued, with 50 Cent consistently needling the boxing legend over the years.

From the ring to the page

As the feud reignites, Mayweather has been busy addressing other matters. In a recent interview, he weighed in on fellow mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs’ legal woes, emphasizing the importance of compassion and understanding. 

"It’s not my job or anybody else’s job to go on the internet and stomp him and kick a man while he’s down,” Mayweather asserted. “Mistakes happen. And I can’t say if it is or not a mistake, but things happen in life."

50 Cent, never one to miss an opportunity, reposted Mayweather’s interview clip, questioning the fighter’s intelligence. 

"Champ, are you stupid or is you dumb?” he quipped. “Get me the f**k out ya head, you sound like a hater. DIDDY DO IT? COMING soon."

Whether it’s in the ring or on the page, the 50 Cent vs. Mayweather saga continues. And as The Accomplice hits bookshelves, fans can’t help but wonder: Will Mayweather finally crack open a book, or will he remain undefeated in his literary pursuits?