50 Cent’s son Sire Jackson caught “gambling with my money” on the basketball court

A high-stakes showdown: Sire Jackson faces off against his dad’s dollars

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In a surprising turn of events, rap mogul 50 Cent has publicly called out his 11-year-old son, Sire Jackson, for a high-stakes gamble on the basketball court. The young Jackson found himself in a financial bind during a friendly game, and the outcome had everyone on the edge of their seats.

The drama unfolded during a casual basketball match, where Sire Jackson was already down $500. Negotiating the terms of a free throw, he faced a critical decision: make the shot and erase his debt or miss and owe even more. The challenger, amused by the situation, playfully taunted Sire, saying,

"I’m going to call your dad and tell him to give me my money. You’re betting your dad’s money right now."

With pressure mounting, Sire stepped up to the line. The crowd held its breath as he released the ball. And then, swish! The shot went in, wiping out his debt and earning him an additional $100. Had he missed, Sire would’ve owed a whopping $1,100 to his challenger.

In a post on social media, 50 Cent shared the video clip, captioning it,

"“Just in, SIRE caught gambling with my money 😒. His a** better make that shot!”"

The rapper’s stern yet amused tone reflected the gravity of the situation. Fortunately for Sire, he delivered when it mattered most.

Despite their playful rivalry, 50 Cent has always been a doting father to Sire. Last year, he named his spirits company after his son and even gave him a movie role in the horror flick Skill House. The bond between them is evident, even when dollars are on the line.

Sire Jackson, born in September 2012 to 50 Cent and model-actress Daphne Joy, continues to capture hearts with his youthful exuberance. As he navigates the challenges of childhood, one thing is clear: Sire is not afraid to take risks, even if it means “gambling with my money.”

In the end, this father-son showdown reminds us that family ties run deeper than any bet. And for Sire Jackson, that free throw was more than just a shot – it was a lesson in resilience and a win for the ages.