50 Cent sparks renewed feud with Young Buck through controversial transgender remark and receives a retort

The ongoing saga of 50 Cent and Young Buck: A heated exchange on social media
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In the ever-dramatic world of hip-hop, feuds and rivalries are as common as catchy beats. And when it comes to 50 Cent and Young Buck, the drama never seems to fade away. Buck, a former member of G-Unit, has found himself once again in the crosshairs of 50 Cent’s social media taunts. But this time, the controversy revolves around a transgender twist.

The instagram post that ignited the fire

On Thursday, March 14, 50 Cent (or Fif, as he’s affectionately known) took to Instagram to reignite his beef with Young Buck. The weapon of choice? An old photo featuring Fif himself alongside what appears to be a transgender man. Buck, looking visibly uncomfortable, stands awkwardly to the side. Above the image, a caption reads: “That time Young Buck refused a pic with Caitlyn Jenner.” Ouch.

The taunt heard 'round the internet

Fif didn’t stop there. In his own caption, he took a jab at the Tennessee native: “Didn’t make sense when we were taking the pic, but it makes a whole lot of sense now. That boy likes them boys!” The insinuation? Buck’s alleged sexual preference. But Young Buck wasn’t about to take it lying down.

Young Buck claps back

Young Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, fired back on his Instagram Stories:

"Dam bro @50cent… if ya miss me, just say dat… Tell a n-gga happy birthday if you’re gonna mention me.” Clearly, Buck wasn’t amused by Fif’s antics. He followed up with another message: “Hey CUUUURTIS LOOK BRO… Dam if ya miss me, just say dat… Tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY if you’re gonna mention me!! PS. Don’t flag this post this time."

The catfish incident: Buck’s side of the story

But let’s rewind a bit. Back in 2019, 50 Cent had accused Buck of being gay due to an alleged relationship with a transgender person. Buck later admitted that he was catfished. In an interview with VladTV, he spilled the beans:

"When that shit first happened, man, just to be honest with you, it fucked me up like it would"