50 Cent sparks speculation about Meek Mill's sexuality with hilarious Andrew Schulz joke

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In the ever-vibrant world of hip-hop, where rumors and speculations swirl like a tempest, 50 Cent has once again thrust the spotlight onto fellow rapper Meek Mill. The topic du jour? Meek’s sexuality. Yes, you read that right. The rumor mill has been churning, and 50 Cent, the master provocateur, has decided to add fuel to the fire.

The joke that started it all

Enter Andrew Schulz, the razor-sharp comedian known for his unfiltered takes and fearless humor. In a recent stand-up routine, Schulz took aim at Meek Mill’s sexual orientation. The joke, delivered with Schulz’s trademark wit, left audiences both amused and bewildered.

"Schulz quipped, I was gay happy. I was like Meek Mill. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think Meek is gay, but he’s incredibly bad at proving he’s straight. He is maybe the worst in history at doing that."

The art of denial

Meek Mill, no stranger to controversy, responded with a mix of humor and defiance. On X, he wrote,

"[crying face emojis] the first time I laughed at being gay. But don’t wit me in real life—I may swing, lol.” A candid admission, perhaps, but Meek wasn’t done."

The curious case of the gay porn account

Recently, Meek Mill found himself embroiled in another eyebrow-raising situation. Accusations surfaced that he followed a gay porn account on X. While Meek denied the rumors about his sexuality, eagle-eyed users shared screenshots and videos showing him following the said account. The internet buzzed with speculation.

The larger conspiracy?

Meek Mill
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But Meek Mill isn’t one to back down. He hinted at a larger conspiracy, suggesting that powerful forces aim to dismantle Black celebrities. Whether it’s a calculated smear campaign or mere coincidence, Meek remains steadfast in his mission to reform the prison system and uplift his community.

In the end, the Meek Mill saga continues—a blend of humor, innuendo, and societal intrigue. As for 50 Cent, he seems content to stoke the flames, leaving us wondering: Is this all part of the hip-hop theater, or are deeper truths lurking beneath the surface?