A GRAMMY Salute to 50 Years of Hip-Hop: Star-Studded Tribute Concert 2023

Experience the electrifying tribute to 50 years of hip-hop with iconic performances by Common, LL COOL J, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Ice-T, Method Man, Big Boi, Busta Rhymes, Questlove, De La Soul, Remy Ma, Will Smith and more. Discover how to watch this unforgettable celebration of hip-hop's legacy at the YouTube Theater
Spotlight: Cavetown
Spotlight: Cavetown / Sarah Morris/GettyImages

Embarking from the gritty streets of the Bronx, hip-hop's journey unfolds across continents and decades. The Recording Academy, in a bold venture, undertook the colossal feat of paying tribute to 50 years of hip-hop's dynamic saga with the event titled "A GRAMMY Salute To 50 Years Of Hip-Hop." This wasn't just a concert; it was a riveting narrative weaving through the genre's evolution, from the raw beats of '70s block parties to the contemporary chart dominators.

Beyond a musical spectacle, the tribute unfolded as a resilient narrative of creativity and influence. The ensemble featured an A-list of hip-hop royalty, spanning eras and styles to capture the essence of the genre's evolution. It wasn't just a concert; it transformed into a living museum, embodying the rich tapestry of hip-hop's sound and style.

In a genre as culturally potent as hip-hop, representation took center stage. The GRAMMY tribute curated a diverse lineup, merging legends like Grandmaster Flash with newer icons. This wasn't merely a concert; it became a living tableau of sound and style, encapsulating hip-hop's intergenerational impact.

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The pulse of hip-hop beats in collaboration is beautifully highlighted by the Grammy salute. Solo artists, renowned for their prowess, formed unexpected duos, delivering performances that were both groundbreaking and nostalgic. This showcased hip-hop's communal spirit, where collaboration amplifies the artistry beyond individual contributions.

"Catch the star-studded tribute to 50 years of hip-hop airing at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 10, on CBS and streaming on demand on Paramount+. Filmed at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood on Nov. 8, this concert promises electrifying performances you won't want to miss!""

Harvey Mason Jr., the Record Academy CEO, have this to say

"To think it’s already been 50 years within the evolution of hip-hop is astounding to me. There was no better time to honor the genre that’s birthed so much of our culture than right now,And we have to acknowledge hip-hop is the driving force in our industry. It’s some of the most consumed and creative music of any genre. So this program is long overdue."

Mason, the Academy's CEO since 2020, aimed to rectify historical inaccuracies and address past misrepresentations through this crucial televised celebration. His primary goal has been to foster inclusivity and steer the organization towards a more representative and equitable approach.

"I truly believe viewers are going to walk away knowing the importance of this genre, the power of this genre and what it means to our society, Mason said. My hope is that you’ll fall more in love with hip-hop and possibly fall in love with someone you didn’t expect to. Whether that’s someone new or one of the pioneers set to play, there’s something for everyone."

Capturing the spirit of hip-hop in one night seemed insurmountable, yet the Grammy salute defied expectations. It transcended into a night of nostalgia, innovation, and jubilation—a befitting tribute to a genre that shattered boundaries and sculpted the sonic landscape of generations.


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