A journey through Hip-Hop: Best albums of 1993

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Strictly for My N****Z by 2Pac

Tupac Shakur, Jada Pinkett Smith
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2Pac, a rising star in the rap scene, released his second studio album, Strictly for My N****Z at a crucial point in his career. Known for his passionate delivery, introspective lyrics, and social commentary, 2Pac was already becoming a prominent figure in West Coast hip-hop.

Strictly for My N****Z showcased 2Pac's evolution as an artist, balancing his personal side with raw and aggressive tracks. Lyrically, the album delved into the struggles of life in the streets, social injustice, and the complexities of racial identity. Sonically, it blended West Coast G-funk influences with a darker and more confrontational energy. The album captured the essence of West Coast gangsta rap, resonating with the spirit of 70's-era Black Panther ethics. This record showcased a growth and versatility in 'Pac that would continue for his remaining years.

Top Songs: "Keep Ya Head Up," "I Get Around," and "Holler If Ya Hear Me."

Most Impressive Lyric:

"And since we all came from a woman, Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman, I wonder why we take from our women, Why we r**e our women, do we hate our women, I think it's time to kill for our women, Time to heal our women, be real to our women"

"Keep Ya Head Up"