A journey through Hip-Hop: Best albums of 1993

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93 'til Infinity by Souls of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief
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Souls of Mischief, a hip-hop group hailing from Oakland, California, released their debut album "93 'til Infinity" in 1993. At this point, the group was relatively unknown but managed to make a lasting impact with their laid-back yet intricate flow. "93 'til Infinity" was a refreshing departure from the gangsta rap dominating the West Coast scene.

Lyrically, the album explored introspection, personal growth, and the struggles of youth, showcasing a poetic and intellectual approach to rap. Sonically, the production featured jazz and soul samples, creating a mellow and melodic backdrop for the group's lyricism. The album embodied the West Coast alternative hip-hop movement, drawing comparisons to groups like Hieroglyphics and The Pharcyde. Even 30 years later, the title track is one of the most celebrated beats for the hottest emcees to freestyle over.

Top Songs: "93 'til Infinity," "Never No More," and "That's When Ya Lost."

Most Impressive Lyric:

"Pep Love, he's carefree, like me, he's livin' and lovin', it's all about the positive and never about the nothin'" - from "93 'til Infinity"

"93 'til Infinity"

Each of these albums from 1993 played a significant role in shaping the diverse and influential landscape of hip-hop, leaving a major mark on the genre and inspiring future generations of artists.

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