Actress Vivica A. Fox discusses dating, and the possibility of rekindling romance with rapper 50 Cent

2003 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet
2003 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet / KMazur/GettyImages

Approaching her milestone of turning 60, actress-turned-director Vivica A. Fox finds herself contemplating the dating scene. While she remains open to the idea of finding love, she admits to feeling too old-fashioned to embrace the world of dating apps. During an interview on "Today with Hoda and Jenna," the renowned "Set It Off" star candidly discussed her views on dating, her upcoming birthday celebrations, and the qualities she values in a potential partner.

The dating dilemma

Vivica A. Fox, known for her roles in movies like “Kill Bill” and “Independence Day,” is feeling great about her life and career. However, when it comes to the dating pool for women her age, she’s candid about the challenges.

"I’m wanting to date, it’s just limited resources out there, right?” she joked. “Because I’m not getting on an app. I’m old-fashioned. I need to meet you, and sparks happen because I just believe people make up stories, saying who and what they are."

What Vivica is looking for

When asked about her ideal partner, Fox emphasized that she’s seeking a genuine connection.

" I want someone that’s gonna be fun, she explained. Someone who’s not intimidated by who and what I am. Likes to travel and is willing to let me go shopping."

Her openness extends to men from different nationalities—she’s “taking applications” without discrimination.

The 50 Cent connection

Fox and 50 Cent's relationship journey has been a whirlwind of highs and lows, filled with drama and intrigue. It all began in 2003 when they embarked on a romance amidst their respective peaks in the entertainment industry. With 50 Cent's chart-topping debut album and Fox's stellar acting career, they seemed like the ultimate power couple. However, their love story took a sour turn when their breakup became public knowledge in 2005.

Fox addressed their split on Tyra Banks' show, revealing accusations from 50 Cent about her intentions. This marked the beginning of their feud, which would ebb and flow over the years, punctuated by moments of reconciliation, such as Fox's appearance in 50 Cent's music video. Yet, their feud reignited in 2015 when 50 Cent publicly mocked Fox's TV series, leading to further tension between them.

Despite the passage of time, reflections on their relationship still linger. In recent years, 50 Cent has expressed regret over their turbulent past, recognizing the detrimental impact of publicity on their romance. Fox, on the other hand, has referred to him as the "love of her life," indicating a complex mix of emotions surrounding their time together.

Interestingly, this openness comes less than a year after Vivica A. Fox hinted at rekindling her romance with rapper 50 Cent. During an appearance on the “Sherri” show, she playfully considered the possibility, saying, “Well, Ben and Jen did it again; why not?” Fans speculated about a potential reunion, especially after 50 Cent posted a video referencing their past flirtation. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is also the executive producer of the “BMF” series on Starz.

As Vivica A. Fox looks ahead to her “sexy 60” birthday, she remains comfortable in her own skin. Whether sparks fly with a new partner or she continues her journey solo, one thing is clear: Vivica is unapologetically herself, and that’s something to celebrate.