André 3000 Breaks His Silence on His Rap Career and His New Album

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André 3000, the iconic rapper and one half of the legendary duo Outkast, has finally spoken about his rap career and his new album, New Blue Sun, which is set to be released on November 17, 2023. The album, which is his first solo project since 2003's The Love Below, is entirely instrumental and features guest appearances from Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, Killer Mike, Future, and Eryn Allen Kane.

André 3000 opened up about his hiatus from rap music and his motivation for making his new album. He state that:

"I felt inspired by the pandemic and the social movements that happened in 2020 and 2021 and wanted to express myself in a different way without relying on words or lyrics. I spent a lot of time in my home studio, playing different instruments and recording whatever came to his mind. I did not have a specific plan or direction for the album, but rather let the music flow naturally."

He also explained why he has not released a rap album in almost two decades, and if he will ever rap again.

"I love rap music, but I dont feel the same passion and excitement for it as I used to. I feel like I have nothing new or original to say, and I dont want to force myself to rap just for the sake of it. I respects and admires the new generation of rappers, but does not feel like I belong to the current rap scene. Furthermore, I would love to rap with peers and friends, but that it is not happening for him right now."

He said that he is not ruling out the possibility of rapping again in the future, but that he is not working on any rap projects at the moment. According to him he has to present what is given to him at the time, and right now, he is focused on his instrumental album. Andre point out that he is proud of his new album, and that he hopes fans and listeners will enjoy andhopes appreciate it. He said that he feels free and fulfilled as an artist, and that he is looking forward to making more music in the future.