Ashanti and Nelly: Expecting a baby and engaged – A Y2K love story

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In a touching revelation, R&B sensation Ashanti and hip-hop icon Nelly have joyfully disclosed their anticipation of welcoming their first child together, accompanied by the exciting news of their engagement. The announcement swiftly spread across social media platforms, leaving admirers captivated by this unforeseen development in their romantic journey.

Embarking on a new journey

At 43, Ashanti shared her elation with Essence magazine, remarking,

"This new chapter of my life is brimming with blessings, love, and eager anticipation."

The Grammy-winning artist expressed her profound happiness at the prospect of motherhood and the opportunity to share this profound experience with her family, devoted fans, and her betrothed, Nelly. It's a remarkable milestone she has eagerly awaited.

The Social media revelation

The magic unfolded in Ashanti's Instagram video. As she prepared for a performance, her mother-manager, Tina Y. Douglas, queried,

"How much time do you need?"

Ashanti’s response, both playful and revealing, was,

"I’m gonna need about nine months."

The screen then flashed the Proov logo, an at-home fertility and hormone marker test, confirming the delightful news.

Nelly’s expanding clan

Nelly - Rapper, BRELAND
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For Nelly, this marks his third venture into parenthood. He already shares a daughter, Chanelle, 29, and a son, Cornell Haynes III, 24, from a previous relationship. Moreover, he lovingly embraced the role of guardian to his late sister Jackie Donahue’s children, Shawn and Sydney. Now, alongside Ashanti, he embarks on a fresh chapter, filled with affection, eager anticipation, and the promise of parenthood.

A love revived

The couple’s romantic journey has weathered its share of storms. After a tumultuous relationship from 2003 to 2014, they parted ways. However, destiny intervened, reuniting them in April 2023 at a boxing match in Las Vegas. Their high-profile romance didn’t endure initially, challenged by the demands of their thriving careers and geographical distance. Yet, they've reunited, their bond stronger than ever.

A moment of affirmation

During a performance, Ashanti whimsically rallied the crowd to chant, “Seal the deal!” The audience echoed the sentiment, celebrating their enduring love. It stands as a testament to the unwavering connection between these two music icons.

Ashanti’s pregnancy and engagement mark a joyful turn in their Y2K love saga—a beautiful twist in their tale. As they brace themselves for parenthood, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate updates on the impending arrival of their bundle of joy and the couple’s nuptial plans. It’s a jubilant moment for Ashanti, Nelly, and their expanding family.