B.G. Disses Lil Wayne in New Track 'Gangstafied' With Finesse2Tymes

B.G. Resurrects Feud: Lil Wayne Targeted in Explosive Diss Track 'Gangstafied' Collaboration
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B.G. Sparks Renewed Feud with Lil Wayne in Latest Diss Track "Gangstafied" Featuring Finesse2Tymes

B.G. has escalated tensions with Lil Wayne by dissing him in the newly released track "Gangstafied," a collaboration with Finesse2Tymes. The song, which dropped on Friday (January 5), sees B.G. taking a direct swipe at his former Hot Boys groupmate while asserting his status as a "living legend."

In the closing lines of the track, B.G. delivers the pointed lines:

""My n-gga Boosie went home and my dawg was steady blowing/ My n-gga Weezy steady touring but he’s a bitch and it’s showing/ I’m still a living legend, don’t act like you didn’t know it.""


The longstanding issues between B.G. and Lil Wayne trace back to the early 2000s when B.G. parted ways with Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne addressed the departure of B.G. and others from the label in his 2004 song "I Miss My Dawgs" from the album "Tha Carter."

""We were in the same position/ And that’s when you changed position, shit/ I never changed and I miss ya, and it’s strange/ But I never forget ya," "

Lil Wayne

B.G. expressed his disappointment at the time, stating during an interview with MTV:

""I went through the roof. [Lil Wayne] sent our relationship sideways. I had a lot of respect for shorty cause he done that ‘I Miss My Dawgs’ song. He performed it for me.""


This recent diss track from B.G. raises questions about the possibility of a Cash Money reunion tour, which Birdman had been teasing since B.G.'s release from prison in September after serving over a decade behind bars. The tension between B.G. and Lil Wayne continues to cast doubt on the reunion of the former Hot Boys.