Benny The Butcher reveals his all-time favorite Lil Wayne verse: A deep dive into hip-hop history

GRAMMY Week Panel #4 – Label Spotlight Panel – 01.30.24
GRAMMY Week Panel #4 – Label Spotlight Panel – 01.30.24 / Rebecca Sapp/GettyImages

In an exclusive interview with Griselda rapper Benny The Butcher, we delved into the world of hip-hop, dissecting lyrics, and reminiscing about legendary collaborations. Benny, known for his gritty storytelling and razor-sharp bars, opened up about Lil Wayne’s influence on his craft. The highlight? Benny’s all-time favorite Weezy verse.

“Big Dog” and Lil Wayne’s impact

Benny shared his initial reaction upon hearing Lil Wayne’s verse on their joint track, “Big Dog.” The single, a powerhouse collaboration, dropped in late 2023 and quickly became a fan favorite. But what was it about Wayne’s bars that left Benny in awe?

"Lil Wayne’s verse on ‘Big Dog’ hit me like a lightning bolt,” Benny recalled. “His flow, metaphors, and sheer confidence—it’s Wayne at his best."

The Timeless connection

Benny and Wayne previously teamed up on “Timeless,” a track that solidified their musical chemistry. But it was Wayne’s opening verse from “I’m Me,” recorded back in 2007, that etched itself into Benny’s memory forever. Let’s take a closer look at those unforgettable lines:

"The new me’s really still the real me, I swear you gotta feel me
Before they try and kill me, they gotta make some choices
They runnin’ out of options, ‘cause I been goin’ off
And they don’t know when it’s stoppin’, and when you get to toppin’
I see that you’ve been learnin’, and when I take you shoppin’
You spend it like you earned it, and when you popped off on your ex
He deserved it, I thought you were the one from the jump
That confirmed it, trap money, Benny!"

Weezy’s legacy lives on

Lil Wayne’s impact on hip-hop is immeasurable. His intricate wordplay, genre-blending style, and fearless creativity continue to inspire artists worldwide. Benny summed it up:

"Wayne never disappoints. He’s a lyrical genius, and his verses elevate any track he touches."

So, next time you bump “Big Dog,” pay homage to the legend who paved the way for artists like Benny The Butcher. Lil Wayne’s legacy lives on—one verse at a time.