BigXthaPlug and Ro$ama talk 'Beast Mode' track for 'Godzilla X Kong', state of Texas hip hop, and more

Also, what lies ahead in the near future for the on-the-rise Texas rappers?
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Texas-native MC BigXthaPlug is one of the hottest rappers out there right now. His popularity has exploded during his meteoric rise over the last couple of years, with big chart-topping tracks such as "Mmhmm" bringing him mainstream popularity in the hip-hop genre.

BigXThaPlug and Ro$ama collaborate on explosive new track "Beast Mode" for "Godzilla x Kong: The New World"

BigXthaPlug has quickly established himself as an essential part of the Dallas hip-hop scene. His unique flows, delivery, and in-depth storytelling ability through his songwriting and production choices have set him apart in this era of hip hop and trap that can feel watered down in this era of music streaming and social media.

BigXthaPlug teamed up with long-time collaborator and fellow Texas-native rapper Ro$ama on the track "Beast Mode" for the new Warner Bros. Pictures blockbuster movie "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire". The collaboration released March 18 and the movie hit theaters on March 29.

Ahead of the movie's release, BigXthaPlug and Ro$ama talked to me about their collab for "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire", along with the state of modern Texas hip hop, new projects on the way, and more.

As a fan of BigXthaPlug and Texas hip hop as a whole, I've been able to witness his meteoric rise to fame from a supporter point of view. He brings a different type of energy and presence to the stage when I've seen him perform two times, once for Erykah Badu's Birthday Bash in 2023 and as an opener for Memphis-native rapper and songwriter Key Glock on the Glockoma Tour.

Andrew: So, let's jump right in. "Beast Mode" sets a commanding tone for "Godzilla x Kong" and the track really matches that energy for the showdown in the movie. How did this collaboration come together for "Beast Mode"?

BigX: They reached out to me first since I have a distribution deal with UnitedMasters and they do a bunch of different stuff for different people. So, they gave me the opportunity to work with Ro. They know that me and Ro already made great music together and that it would be a high energy song if we did it together.

Andrew: Hip hop has really started to have a prominent role in many big production movies, especially in recent Sci-Fi and superhero movies (i.e. Metro Boomin executive producing the Spiderman movie soundtrack). Are there any other projects or ventures that either of you would want to pursue in the future in the movie industry or anything like that?

BigX: Yes, I'm trying to do it all.

Ro$ama: Movies, acting, all that. If you think us together in a song would cool, imagine us in a movie.

Andrew: What's the biggest difference for you between the process of songwriting and song creation for a movie track compared to a single or a song for an album?

BigX: This is my second movie, so the differences are still pretty new for me. Just as far as like keeping everything real PG. So, it didn't make it harder it was just different.

Andrew: How could the experience of working on this track for "Godzilla x Kong" help you with future projects or other types of business or artistic pursuits?

BigX: I feel like due to the fact that we have done the song already within these guidelines that they gave us shows that we can really do whatever song-wise. Not to push somebody out of the picture, but why go with somebody that has never done it before when you can go with someone that's already done it?

Andrew: There's a lot of talent coming out of Texas in hip-hop right now. BigX, you've collaborated with other Texas rappers, including Maxo Kream, Sauce Walka, Mike Dimes, Erica Banks, etc. And Ro$ama, I know you're from Paris, TX, so you got the Texas connection there with y'all, too.

What are your thoughts on the state of Texas hip hop right now and the direction its going in?

BigX: Texas is looking super-good right now. Everybody is real, and everybody is intertwined, trying to connect and work, you know. And before, everybody was distancing themselves from everybody. So, I feel like it's headed in the right direction right now.

Ro$ama: Yea, you don't bring anything bad right now with Texas rappers.

Andrew: Last year, was huge for you BigX with your first Billboard charting song "Mmhmm", along with other hits like "Texas" and "Climate", among others. You got to tour amid your rise to the mainstream with Kevin Gates and Key Glock, along with your own headlining tour in 2023. How have shows been different for you since you blew up last year?

BigX: They're just getting bigger and better. I can't complain. I mean, you still have the ones that don't get promoted, right? And there's only going to be a few hundrer people there. But the thing that makes us so good with performances is that big or small, we're going to rock 'em all.

So, those smaller shows, it's going to make those 500 people come back to the next one when there's 5,000 people. They're definitely getting bigger and better and it's a lot easier.

Andrew: Do either of you have any plans for the future musically or other projects you have going on?

BigX: I got a label 600 Entertainment. Ro is part of it and I got another artist on the label, Yung Hood. We're dropping a label tape called "Meet the 6'ers". The lead single from that is dropping on April 12.

After that I got an album brewing, it'll be out late August.

We're all working. Yung Hood and Ro$ama are just everyday they record getting better and trying to perfect their craft. We just planning on taking over the next decade.

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