Blueface Faces Police investigation After Ordering Security To Assault A Fan: what we know so far

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A video of American rapper Blueface telling his security to attack a female fan has gone viral on social media. The fan allegedly threw ice at Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface's girlfriend, during his performance at Gem Nightclub in downtown Salt Lake City on December 16, 2023. 

The Thotiana rapper invited the fan on stage to confront her, but she denied the accusation. He then instructed his security to "deal with her" and they dragged her off the stage and beat her up.

The Salt Lake City Police Department is investigating the incident and has confirmed that they are aware of the videos circulating online. 

"The Salt Lake City Police Department is currently reviewing calls for service, any applicable police reports,  and the videos posted online to achieve a complete understanding of the incident and the circumstances. No further information is available for release."

The rapper seems to be in middle of controversies in the past few days. It started out with accusing his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock for sleeping with Offset. Which escalated to Cardi B going off on IG live about his relationship with her ex-husband offset. 

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He also had a verbal spat with Soulja Boy over a potential versus battle, where he claimed that he had more hits than him. The two rappers later talked on Instagram live and Blueface explained his reason for exposing Chrisean Rock and Offset's affair.

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Chrisean Rock responded by accusing Blueface of trying to get with NLE Choppa's girlfriend and revealing that he watches gay porn. She also denied sleeping with Offset and said that Blueface was lying to get attention.

Blueface seems to be always in the middle of some drama and has not commented on the latest incident involving his security and the fan.

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