Cam’ron and Mase discuss the ongoing rap war between Drake and Kendrick Lamar: Drake is currently ‘winning’

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In a recent episode of the It Is What It Is podcast, hip-hop veterans Cam’ron and Mase weighed in on the ongoing rap war between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The surprise release of Kendrick’s diss track, “euphoria,” sparked heated discussions among fans and fellow artists. Let’s dive into their assessments and explore why Drake seems to have the upper hand.

Drake takes the lead

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Both Cam’ron and Mase agreed that Drake currently holds the advantage in this rap battle. When asked to share his thoughts, Mase stated,

"Drake is definitely winning from an MC standpoint.” But what factors contribute to this assessment?"

Mase pointed out that it took a while for Kendrick to drop “euphoria.” According to him, when you wait for a diss track, it has to be out of this world. If Kendrick had released the record immediately after Drake’s “Push Ups,” the impact might have been different. However, the delay worked in Drake’s favor.

Cam’ron echoed Mase’s sentiments, emphasizing that Drake is currently winning. While he didn’t call Kendrick’s diss “bad,” he did find it “kinda long.” Drake’s track, on the other hand, made a more immediate impact. Cam’ron highlighted that Kendrick’s latest offering “didn’t really move” him.

Interestingly, Cam’ron brought up his own experience with diss tracks. He mentioned that Mase’s diss against him, “The Oracle,” was hot. Mase added that Kendrick’s “euphoria” lacked a specific quality he looks for in a response. A great diss track, according to Mase, needs to “say something” that changes listeners’ perception of the subject.

In the ongoing rap war, Drake’s strategic timing and impactful lyrics have given him the upper hand. While Kendrick remains one of the greatest lyricists of his generation, Drake’s current momentum cannot be ignored. As fans eagerly await the next moves from both artists, it’s clear that this battle is far from over.