Cardi B unveils alleged financial secrets in Tasha K's bankruptcy clash

Cardi B exposes Tasha K's covert offshore holdings
Cardi B Hosts The Stafford Room
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Cardi B intensifies her legal showdown with Tasha K, accusing the gossip vlogger of surreptitiously concealing assets and omitting them from her initial Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Cardi B's legal team is urging the courts to compel Patricia Haynes to adhere to recent subpoenas, which she allegedly evades.

The documents claim that Haynes possesses information about offshore accounts linked to the Unwine with Tasha K host and her spouse, which she purportedly omitted in her initial bankruptcy filing.

In her pursuit of the $4 million owed by Tasha K, Cardi B remains resolute. Tasha K's alleged nondisclosure of assets potentially breaches 18 U.S.C. § 152, outlining penalties for debtors who

"knowingly and fraudulently conceals from a custodian... any property belonging to the estate of a debtor."

Committing such actions during bankruptcy proceedings is a federal offense. If Cardi B can substantiate Tasha K's knowing failure to disclose the full extent of her assets, the beleaguered blogger may face criminal fines and a federal prison term of up to five years.

Cardi B's legal team has dispatched subpoenas to all five of Tasha's current banking institutions, demanding comprehensive financial information. Additionally, Cardi B seeks "all documents and communications received by or sent to third parties... regarding the Debtor's finances, employment, income, expenses, businesses, or business interests."

Beyond the legal tussle, Cardi B alleges that Tasha K overlooked multiple domestic and offshore trusts in her bankruptcy filing. According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Cardi B escalates her efforts to recover the $4 million owed, accusing the blogger of omitting crucial details about trusts in her bankruptcy disclosure.

With almost $30,000 in hand, Tasha K reportedly splurges over $20,000 monthly on travel, fine dining, and various forms of entertainment. This development follows a lawsuit by comedian Kevin Hart against Tasha K, alleging extortion. Hart claims that Tasha K demanded money to prevent the release of an interview with his former assistant, who accused the comedy star of infidelity.

In summary, Cardi B remains unwavering in her pursuit of the owed funds from Tasha K. The rapper accuses the gossip vlogger of clandestinely hiding assets and failing to disclose them in her Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, potentially exposing Tasha K to federal charges and severe consequences.