Cardi B unveils surprising family connection: GloRilla is her blood cousin

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Cardi B, the chart-topping rap sensation, has dropped a bombshell revelation that has fans buzzing: GloRilla, the Memphis-based rapper, is none other than her blood cousin. In an exclusive interview with Big Boy, Cardi spilled the beans, confirming the familial tie that had been hinted at back in 2022.

The unexpected connection

The conversation unfolded during a candid chat with Big Boy, where Cardi was playfully teased about her alleged collaboration with international superstar Shakira. But it wasn’t the Colombian singer who stole the spotlight this time—it was GloRilla. When asked if she had worked with the Memphis wordsmith, Cardi’s response was swift and unapologetic: “That’s my cousin!”

Family roots and musical bonds

Cardi went on to unravel the intriguing backstory. It all traces back to her grandfather, a mysterious figure who once resided in Tennessee. According to Cardi, her grandfather was no stranger to the hustle, having dabbled in less-than-legal affairs. His secret? A hidden love child in the heart of Memphis—the very same GloRilla’s father. And thus, the bloodline was forged.

Kindred spirits

But this revelation isn’t just about shared DNA. Cardi and GloRilla discovered their connection organically, bonding over their mutual quirks and humor.

" We’re too much alike, Cardi mused. She gets my jokes, and there’s something funny, something really weird between us."

The duo delved into their family history, piecing together the puzzle until the truth emerged.

Not the only surprise

GloRilla isn’t the only rap luminary in Cardi’s extended family. Just last month, she dropped another bombshell: her cousinhood with none other than Lil Uzi Vert. Yes, you read that right—Cardi and Uzi share more than just a love for beats; they share a family tree. Plans for a joint track are already in motion, promising a collision of talents that fans won’t soon forget.

Remember, this isn’t your typical family reunion—it’s a hip-hop twist that’s shaking up the industry. Cardi B and GloRilla: blood ties, lyrical vibes, and a legacy waiting to unfold. Stay tuned for more surprises from the rap family tree!