Chris Rock and Amber Rose's Alleged Romance Fuels Jokes, Prompting References to Kanye West's 'Blame Game'

Chris Rock and Amber Rose's Recent Outing Sparks Nostalgia with Kanye West's 'Blame Game
2023 Night of Too Many Stars benefiting NEXT for AUTISM in NYC
2023 Night of Too Many Stars benefiting NEXT for AUTISM in NYC / Jamie McCarthy/GettyImages

Comedian Chris Rock and model Amber Rose's recent public outing in New York City has set off a wave of speculation regarding a potential romantic connection, triggering a flood of social media references to Kanye West's "Blame Game" from the 2010 album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

While the nature of Rock and Rose's relationship remains uncertain, their joint appearance immediately invoked memories of the infamous track, where Chris Rock is featured in the outro. The song includes a humorous exchange between Rock and voice actress Salma Kenas, with Rock asking playful questions about getting sexy and the response, "Yeezy taught me."

Twitter users, in a series of quote tweets, resurrected the skit, suggesting that it now seems like a prophetic moment. Rose, who dated Kanye West during the album's release, was at the center of the publicized relationship, and the "Blame Game" skit was believed by some to allude to their past dynamics.

The relationship between Rose and West was marked by its high profile, beginning in 2008 and ending on less-than-amicable terms two years later. In a 2020 interview on the No Jumper Podcast, Rose disclosed feeling abused by West since their separation, stating, "He has picked on me for 10 years. He has bullied me for 10 years."

These sentiments echoed previous comments Rose made in 2017 on Everyday Struggle, where she spoke about enduring years of bullying from West. Following her breakup with West, Rose began a relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa, whom she married in 2013. The couple shares joint custody of their son after divorcing in 2016.

The internet's reaction to Rock and Rose's recent outing showcases the enduring impact of pop culture moments and the interconnected narratives of public figures, especially when linked to past relationships and iconic music from the past.