Drake and Bobbi Althoff's interview drama, explained

The rapper and podcaster had a public falling out, but fans are still curious as to why.
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Bobbi Althoff became a pop culture sensation in 2023. The social media personality was launched into a new stratosphere of stardom when she began posting viral interviews with celebrities like Lil Yachty, Offset, and Mark Cuban.

Althoff's most popular interview, however, has been with Drake. She had an hour-long conversation with the iconic rapper in July 2023, but a subsequent falling out between the two of them led to the interview being taken down.

The whole thing transpired in somewhat confusing fashion, with Althoff and Drake refusing to go on the record to discuss what happened. Fortunately, internet sleuths and some off the record remarks have shed light on this seemingly random feud.

Bobbi Althoff's interview with Drake was deleted in August 2023

Despite receiving a staggering 29 million views, the Drake interview was taken down a month after it was uploaded to YouTube. There was no reason given, but they stopped following each other on IG in the days that followed. TikTok user @PhotogSteve81 posted a theory video claiming that Drake was responsible for takedown.

The TikTok theory pointed out that Drake played a portion of the Tyga song "Rack City" during the interview, and posits that he did so intentionally so that he could issue a copyright strike and get it taken down. @PhotogSteve 81 elaborated:

"“This meant that all of the proceeds from the podcast would have to be turned over to Universal Music or Bobbi would be facing a very large lawsuit… Bobbi’s team, realizing they would not be able to monetize their biggest podcast in history, decided to pull the podcast.”"

There are numerous theories about Althoff and Drake's feud

Bobbi Althoff
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The motive behind the copyright strike was unclear, which sparked even more theories about Althoff's and Drake's feud. Some theorized that Drake was offended by negative comments Althoff made about Lil Yachty during her appearance on Barstool's BFF's Podcast.

Drake and Yachty are close friends, and those who support this theory believe that the rapper took the video down to get back at Althoff. A second theory posits that Althoff and Drake hooked up and the tension that resulted from the former being married led to the interview being pulled.

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BFF's Podcast host Dave Portnoy posted screenshots from a private chat in which he asked Althoff about the "hook up" rumors. Portnoy wrote: "My girlfriend said you slept with Drake and are getting a divorce. I am saying that is not true" and Althoff wrote back:

""I'm not commenting on it publicly, but off the record, you're right that is not true.""

Drake and Lil Yachty allegedly dissed Althoff on a song

The trail went cold until October 2023, when Drake released the song "Another Late Night". One lyric in the song set off alarms for people who wanted to know more about the Althoff drama. The fact that Lil Yachty was the one who rapped it furthered the speculation. The lyric in question:

" 'Boost a white b***h up and now she think she really poppin'"

Neither Althoff nor Drake have addressed the situation since August. It's unlikely that they will ever discuss what really happened, but it's clear that they are no longer as they friendly as they appeared to be during their now infamous conversation.

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