Drake, Kanye West, and Eminem: The Most Streamed Hip-Hop Artists of 2023 on Spotify

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In Spotify's annual roundup for 2023, Drake, Kanye West, and Eminem emerged as the foremost hip-hop artists in terms of streaming. The genre of hip-hop, which has maintained its prominence over the past five decades, witnessed these three iconic artists achieving remarkable success last year.

Amidst the diverse array of musical genres, hip-hop consistently attracts top-tier talent, and 2023 proved to be no exception. Drake, Kanye West, and Eminem maintained their strong presence, reaffirming their enduring influence and expanding popularity within the hip-hop landscape.

Drake: The Reigning King of Hip Hop

Drake secures the 4th spot on the 2023 most streamed hip-hop artists on Spotify, amassing a staggering 14.03 billion streams. Reigning as a hip-hop icon, Drake's album For All The Dogs set new streaming records, reaffirming his dominance in the genre. His distinctive fusion of rap and R&B, coupled with impactful collaborations, contributed to chart-topping success and solidified his position as a fan favorite in 2023.

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Kanye West: The Maverick of Hip Hop

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Kanye West secures the 9th Spot with 6.94 Billion streams on Spotify in 2023. Renowned for his innovative hip-hop approach, Kanye's influential style and genre-bending sound continue to captivate fans. The highly anticipated album, Vultures, teased in 2023, is set for release in 2024.

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Eminem: The Rap God

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Eminem secures No. 11 spot with Over 6.86 billion streams in 2023. Eminem, a legendary hip-hop artist with a career spanning over two decades, demonstrated his enduring influence in 2023. Notably, his album Music to Be Murdered By - Side B garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. Renowned for intricate wordplay, dark themes, and controversial subject matter, Eminem stands out as the most streamed artist from the pre-streaming era on the platform.

Here is Spotify's 2023 lineup of the 20 most streamed artists across all genres.

"1. Taylor Swift – 29.10 billion
2. Bad Bunny – 16.37 billion
3. The Weeknd – 14.14 billion
4. Drake – 14.03 billion
5. Peso Pluma – 10.54 billion
6. Feid – 7.90 billion
7. Karol G – 7.41 billion
8. SZA – 7.10 billion
9. Kanye West – 6.94 billion
10. Lana Del Rey – 6.93 billion
11. Eminem – 6.86 billion
12. Metro Boomin – 6.53 billion
13. Junior H – 6.38 billion
14. Ed Sheeran – 6.35 billion
15. Arijit Singh – 6.35 billion
16. Ariana Grande – 6.23 billion
17. Travis Scott – 6.14 billion
18. Morgan Wallen – 6.14 billion
19. Billie Eilish – 6.01 billion
20. Rihanna – 5.95 billion

In 2023, Drake, Kanye West, and Eminem claimed the top spots as the most streamed hip-hop artists on Spotify, showcasing their enduring influence in the genre. Their distinctive styles and forward-thinking contributions have solidified their lasting impact on hip-hop history. Noteworthy mentions also include Metro Boomin and Travis Scott, who secured spots among Spotify's most streamed hip-hop artists in 2023.

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