E-40 Announces New Album 'Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1' After Receiving Honorary Doctorate And Key To The City

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2023 ESSENCE Festival Of Culture™ - Caesar's Superdome - Day 2 / Marcus Ingram/GettyImages

The Bay Area rap legend E-40 is not slowing down his prolific output, as he revealed the release date and cover art for his upcoming 27th solo album, Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1. The project is set to drop on November 17, 2023.

E-40 shared the news on his Instagram account, where he also thanked his fans for their support and teased some of the guest appearances on the album. He wrote

"Thank you to all my fans for rocking with me all these years! I appreciate y'all more than you know! Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1 coming soon! Who y'all think is on the album? Drop a comment below!"

The announcement comes after E-40 received several honors and accolades in the past few months, including an honorary doctorate degree in music from his alma mater, Grambling State University, a key to the city of Vallejo, and a street named after him in his hometown. E-40 expressed his gratitude and humility for these achievements and encouraged his followers to never give up on their dreams.

E-40 is also known for his successful business ventures, such as his wine and liquor brands, his cannabis company, and his involvement in the Hip Hop Museum Tour, which is currently in Los Angeles.

E-40's last solo album was Practice Makes Paper, which was released in 2019. He also collaborated with Too Short on the joint album Ain't Gone Do It: Terms and Conditions, which came out in 2020. E-40 is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative rappers of all time, with a distinctive flow, a vast vocabulary, and a knack for creating catchy slang terms.