Eminem and Roger Goodell unite for Detroit-themed NFL Draft promotion

Detroit’s rap superstar joins forces with NFL commissioner in hilarious promo
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In a move that’s sure to electrify the Motor City, Eminem—Detroit’s iconic rap superstar—has teamed up with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to promote the upcoming NFL Draft in Detroit. The promotional spot, released on ESPN’s social channels, showcases a playful exchange between the two dynamic personalities as they prepare to welcome fans to the D!

The spotlight on Detroit

Detroit, a city steeped in musical history and home to legendary artists, is once again in the national spotlight. This time, it’s thanks to Eminem’s unwavering commitment to putting his beloved hometown on the map. As an unofficial goodwill ambassador, Slim Shady is using his star power to shine a spotlight on the city’s vibrant culture and resilience.

The humorous exchange

Roger Goodell
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The promotional spot opens with Eminem and Goodell side by side, both brimming with excitement for the NFL Draft. Goodell, ever the enthusiastic commissioner, raises his right fist and exclaims,

" “Live from the D!” But Eminem, clad in a Detroit Lions hoodie and a 2024 Lions playoff hat, isn’t one to let formalities slide. He looks skeptically at Goodell and quips, "

"You could just say Detroit."

Goodell, undeterred, continues to emphasize the city’s abbreviation:

" The D! Eminem, with a raised eyebrow, counters, “No, you said the D.” The playful banter continues, leaving us wondering if Eminem is being punked. "

But one thing is clear: Detroit is at the heart of it all.

As the NFL Draft approaches, fans can anticipate more spots featuring this dynamic duo. These commercials are set to air on ESPN and the NFL Network, as well as appear on social media platforms. From Campus Martius to Hart Plaza, Detroit will come alive with events and activities celebrating football, music, and the indomitable spirit of the city. The NFL Draft, scheduled for April 25-27, promises to be a memorable experience for fans and players alike.

Eminem’s collaboration with Roger Goodell is more than just a promotional stunt—it’s a celebration of Detroit’s resilience, creativity, and love for the game. So, stay tuned, football fans! The D is ready to rock the NFL Draft, and Eminem is leading the charge.