Fetty Wap's 'King Zoo': A Thanksgiving Extravaganza for the Soul

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Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2021 / Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

In a double whammy of generosity and musical prowess, Fetty Wap not only hosted a heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner for those in need but also gifted fans with 'King Zoo,' his first full-length album in eight years, dropping on November 24, 2023. This Thanksgiving feast is a soulful delight, blending Fetty Wap's signature melodic hooks with a fresh palette of beats, transcending genres from trap to pop to R&B.

'King Zoo' stands tall with 17 tracks, each a testament to Fetty Wap's enduring talent and evolution as an artist. Collaborating with heavyweights like Lil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla $ign, and French Montana, Fetty delivers a musical rollercoaster that resonates with emotion and celebrates the varied hues of life.

Highlights of the Feast:

'Spin the Block'

A grand party-starter featuring Lil Uzi Vert, where the duo flaunts their wealth and lifestyle over a hard-hitting beat. Fetty's unique flow and Lil Uzi's charisma make this track a standout.


A poignant reflection on the streets' struggles and dangers, where Fetty Wap bares his soul with emotive vocals. Ty Dolla $ign joins, providing a smooth chorus that adds depth to this atmospheric track.


A haunting and introspective journey into Fetty Wap's truth, laying bare personal issues, legal troubles, family, and faith. A raw and authentic piece that showcases the artist's vulnerability.

'Jet Li'

A high-octane celebration of success and ambition, with Fetty Wap exuding confidence and charisma. He boldly claims to make more money in a day than most make in a year, backed by an energetic beat.


A glossy homage to the 80s Miami sound, featuring Fetty Wap's falsetto vocals and rap verses from French Montana. The track exudes a vibrant and synth-heavy vibe that adds a touch of nostalgia.


A festive and upbeat closure to the album, where Fetty Wap expresses gratitude for fans, friends, and life itself. An invitation to join the party, this track encapsulates the joyous spirit of 'King Zoo.'

'King Zoo' is a captivating mosaic that unveils the multifaceted artistry of Fetty Wap. While staying true to his persona and signature sound, the album ventures into uncharted territories, showcasing the rapper's resilience and generosity. It's not just a musical journey; it's a testament to Fetty Wap's ability to overcome challenges and share joy with his audience.