Fivio Foreign drops surprise single "Concussion" featuring Kanye West

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It may come as a surprise to some, but Kanye's genius never rests, having been a part of several musical projects this year, now including Fivio Foreign's "Concussion". The Brooklyn native has asserted a name for himself through powerful features in the past, such as Drake's "Demons" and Nas' "Spicy". Also having released one studio album and two of his own EPs, Fivio looks like he's hungry for more and has introduced another creative track, this time featuring the Hip Hop legend Kanye West.

Fivio Foreign & Kanye West collab on new single "Concussion"

This track was teased back in April of this year and is an incredibly powerful example of what happens when two artists are on the same page, looking to deliver a powerful piece capable of both solid hype and precise composition.

Alongside a powerful visual video, Kanye and Fivio deliver an aggressive, thought-provoking track that lends to both some of Kanye's recent thoughts on his reputation as well as Fivio sending a boisterous message to everyone about how different things are from his current position of success.

The louder message comes later in the song when Fivio get slightly political, surprising listeners with lyrics in likeness to some of the political conversations sparked by Kanye in the past. The two may have a strong connection, which can be heard in the track but also read in some of the lyrics:

"I see what they do to go viral (Baow)
But Ye said we not goin' that route (Uh)
You see what we did to the Bible (We did)
And no, we not cuttin' no slack now (We not)
And yeah, all lives matter (They do)
Huh, 'cause everybody black now (B***h)"

Fivio Foreign / "Concussion"

Going in the political direction is sure to spark conversation about the track as well as the collaboration between the two of them.

Regardless of your position, the track is sure to attract tons of hype, already making waves on the trending lists of Twitter.

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