Gillie Da Kid Responds to Allegations of His Son's Death Being an 'Illuminati Sacrifice'

Gillie Da Kid Confronts Heartless Illuminati Theories Surrounding Son's Tragedy
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Gillie Da Kid Pushes Back Against Baseless "Illuminati Sacrifice" Claims Surrounding Son's Tragic Death

In response to unwarranted speculation circulating online regarding the tragic death of his son last year, Gillie Da Kid has vehemently refuted claims of an "Illuminati sacrifice." Expressing his frustration on The Pat Bev Podcast, Gillie condemned the spread of baseless rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding such a deeply personal tragedy.

Addressing the absurd accusations, Gillie stated:

""How could you ever disrespect a man’s child that got murdered out here in these streets? The Illuminati sacrifice and all that dumbass shit online. The Illuminati came down North Philly and killed my son? Shut the fuck up, goofy ass n-ggas. Got kids and brothers and sisters that gotta see some dumb shit like that online ’cause you n-ggas tryin’ to get views and likes. One day I’ma light y’all the fuck up. I’ma give you all the fame you looking for."

Gillie Da Kid

Gillie Da Kid's son, known as YNG Cheese, tragically lost his life in a triple shooting last July, succumbing to a gunshot wound to the back. The grieving father has openly discussed the profound impact of the loss, sharing poignant moments such as having to wash his son's lifeless body.

"“The worst time had to be when I had to wash his body,” Gillie revealed on The Pivot Podcast in September, a few months after the heart-wrenching incident. "But it was also the best because I became a man that day. I was a little-ass boy up to that point. I thought I was a man because I did man shit — I paid bills, y’know what I mean, I took care of my family.""

Gillie Da Kid

Gillie Da Kid remains resolute in combating unfounded rumors, defending the memory of his late son against those who perpetuate baseless conspiracies for online engagement.

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