Ice Cube defends the BIG3’s association with Elon Musk: “I draw my own fkin’ lines.”

Hip-hop icon stands firm amid controversy
High Rollers Volume 1 Live With Ice Cube, The Game, Boyz in the Hood, D12 At Ziggo Dome In Amsterdam
High Rollers Volume 1 Live With Ice Cube, The Game, Boyz in the Hood, D12 At Ziggo Dome In Amsterdam / BSR Agency/GettyImages

In a bold move that has sparked heated debates across social media, rap legend Ice Cube has unapologetically defended the BIG3 basketball league’s partnership with tech magnate Elon Musk. The unexpected alliance between the gritty world of street hoops and the visionary behind Tesla and SpaceX has left fans divided, but Cube remains resolute:

"I draw my own f**kin’ lines."

The BIG3’s digital pivot

The BIG3, founded by Ice Cube in 2017, has been a disruptive force in professional basketball. Its three-on-three format, featuring retired NBA stars and streetball legends, has breathed new life into the sport. But it’s the league’s recent foray into digital streaming that has tongues wagging.

Traditionally, the BIG3 games were broadcast via cable networks and local channels. However, the league’s decision to partner with Elon Musk’s X app for live streaming has raised eyebrows. Critics argue that Musk’s controversial sociopolitical views clash with the league’s ethos. But Cube isn’t backing down.

Cube fires back

When a Twitter user questioned the choice of X over other platforms, Cube’s response was succinct:

"Cause we’re on X… better ask somebody"

The N.W.A. founding member’s defiance didn’t sit well with everyone. Accusations of aligning with a white supremacist” flew, prompting Cube to fire back:

"Shut yo bih a up! I ain’t aligned with nothing, punk. I draw my own f**kin’ lines."

A history of controversy

This isn’t the first time Ice Cube has courted controversy. In the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential Election, he reached out to both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. His proposed Contract with Black America aimed to address systemic issues affecting the Black community. Cube’s willingness to engage with political powerhouses, regardless of party lines, has drawn both admiration and criticism.

The future of BIG3 and X

As the BIG3 gears up for its seventh season, all eyes are on the partnership with X. Will Musk’s platform revolutionize how fans consume basketball? Or will it remain a lightning rod for debate? Only time will tell. One thing is certain: Ice Cube won’t be silenced. His mantra remains clear

"I draw my own f**kin’ lines."