Ice Cube Receives 'Friday' Request from Mike Epps After Katt Williams Pay Remarks

Mike Epps' Plea for a New 'Friday': A Cinematic Reunion Sparks Excitement and Industry Support
Ice Cube Performs At Stockton Arena
Ice Cube Performs At Stockton Arena / Tim Mosenfelder/GettyImages

In a social media rallying cry, Mike Epps has passionately urged Ice Cube to prioritize the fans over profit and create another installment of the iconic "Friday" movie series. On January 7, Epps, renowned for his roles in "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next," took to his social platforms to make a compelling case for reuniting the beloved cast for another memorable chapter.

Underneath a nostalgic photo featuring Cube, Terry Crews, and himself in "Friday After Next," Epps emphasized the collective yearning for a new "Friday" movie. His post exuded enthusiasm for bringing back the camaraderie and humor that defined the series, encouraging Cube to assemble the original cast and create a cinematic masterpiece.

Epps took a bold stance, putting aside monetary concerns, Hollywood dynamics, and internet chatter, urging Cube to embrace the opportunity to make history once more. His rallying cry resonated widely, receiving enthusiastic endorsements from peers such as Killer Mike, Key Glock, and Tracy McGrady.

Despite the widespread support and excitement, Ice Cube has yet to provide a public response. It's worth noting that the prospect of another "Friday" film has been suggested and dismissed in the past, with Cube acknowledging the challenges of aligning various factors for such a project.

In a notable show of support, Williams, who played a role in "Friday After Next," defended Cube, highlighting the filmmaker's efforts as a Black man striving to create movies without a substantial budget. Williams underscored the unfair expectations for a sizable payday, emphasizing the broader significance of Cube's contributions.

As fans eagerly await Ice Cube's response to Epps' impassioned plea, the prospect of a new "Friday" movie continues to generate excitement and nostalgia. The enduring appeal of the series and the fervent endorsements from industry peers hint at the potential for a groundbreaking cinematic reunion that transcends financial considerations, making a lasting impact on the community and fans alike.

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