Ice Spice’s New Song Snippet Puts a Spin on J. Cole’s ‘Fart’ Lyric

Ice Spice’s new song snippet is a creative take on J. Cole’s ‘fart’ lyric from his latest album, The Off-Season.

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Ice Spice, the rising hip-hop artist, has released a new song snippet that has taken the internet by storm. The snippet features a creative take on J. Cole’s ‘fart’ lyric from his latest album, The Off-Season. The snippet has been praised for its unique sound and clever wordplay.

The snippet opens with a catchy beat that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. Ice Spice’s flow is smooth and effortless, and his lyrics are clever and witty. The song’s chorus is infectious and will have you singing along in no time.

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Some portions of the lyrics resemble those found in the track "Dollar and a Dream III" by the North Carolina rapper, featuring the same bar.

"I let you feel like you the s*** but boy, you can’t out-fart me."

Ice Spice offered a sneak peek of the song on her Twitter, and the initial lyric she shared was.

"You think you the s***? B****, you not even the fart."

Listen to the snippet below

Ice Spice showcases his exceptional talent as a hip-hop artist in the preview of his latest song. Transforming a basic lyric into something vibrant and thrilling, he exhibits remarkable skill. For hip-hop enthusiasts, this snippet is a compulsory listen. In the realm of rap, few artists had a more impactful year than Ice Spice, hailing from the Bronx, New York.

With her name on everyone's lips, surpassing her achievements in 2023 will be a daunting task. Yet, the prospect of achieving this exists through the release of a stellar debut album. Balancing on the precipice of anticipation, Ice Spice has the chance to elevate her status even further.

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